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Dragon Night audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Dragon Night audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Dragon Night audiobook free

Of the sleeping dragon kings, Dorian, Dragon King of the Corals has never awoken. He took to his mountain after the war with humans and has slept through the centuries. Kept abreast of events via mental link as he slept, he knows what his brethren now face yet he still does not wake. His hatred of humans is as dark as Ulrik’s was. If he wakes he knows he will kill them but Constantine needs his unique ability, invisibility. The dragon kings need an artifact believed to have Fae origins and protected by magic which the owner refuses to sell. Dorian’s mission is to get the owner to finally sell or take the object if that fails. Can this dragon-shifter accomplish this without killing the humans he so abhors? Can he accept an attraction to a human woman after what the humans cost him?

The beautiful philanthropist Alexandra Sheridan was born into extreme wealth and with that came the fear of being used for her money, of being wanted only for her money which can’t buy happiness or true friends. She stays apart from the world as much as possible preferring to deal with those she trusts, four bodyguards and an assistant. Lonesomeness is a standard condition for her until she is auctioned off for a date at a charity event to an intriguing Scotsman in a tuxedo with kilts, the sexiest, most handsome man she’s ever seen. She’s drawn to him like to no other but when she accidentally learns what he is, she runs in fear. Can she learn to accept the existence of dragons?

In this story, we meet a new dragon king from whom we learn more about the dragon/human war through Dorian’s personal experiences of it. He has valid reasons for his hatred of humanity but the world has changed dramatically as he slept, there are humans sincerely aligned with the dragons and the list of enemies the dragon kings have keeps growing. Continuing to sleep was no longer an option when his king called on him. Dorian controls the urge to kill humans as he gets to know the one that could help the dragon kings and in that budding relationship there is growth and healing for not just himself but Alexandra. The suspenseful underlying storyline moves forward with new developments. Just as you think there might be some resolution to parts of this epic series new twists are added to confound the reader and leave them wanting more..

Review #2

Dragon Night audiobook in series Dark Kings

Very safe to say, Dragon Night is a perfect addition to the 1001 Dark Nights collection. A page turner from the beginning, Dark Night kept me riveted as Dorian’s, character stepped right out of the world of Outlander. The author wove tiny detailed aspects of Outlander into Dorian’s persona and swooooon. From his brogue, to how he wore his hair, to his fierce loyalty exuding his being, Dorian is in every sense the perfect Dragon King. Alexandra’s character is the perfect combination of heart, strength and smarts. She tames the rage burning in Dorian without her even knowing. I loved that once she got over her initial fear, she immediately becomes a champion for the cause. Her stalwart independence is the gift that keeps on giving as she fights for her Dragon King.
Every book I read from this author feeds my need for dragon lore with a contemporary flair. This novella continues to add to dynamic world of the Dragon Kings. I’m still patiently waiting for Rhi’s story…hint hint dear author… the waiting is killing me!

Review #3

Audiobook Dragon Night by Donna Grant

I loved it! This is a quick novella that lead us further down the rabbit hole into the lives of the Dragon Kings, Druids and the Fae.
Dorian has been asleep since the other dragons were sent away to a different realm. He was angry about something that happened in the dragon/human war. When he wakes up he is still full of anger and hate towards humans. But Con needs him for a mission to retrieve an artifact and he is the only one that can do it.
Alex is the only member of her family left. Her family has collected artifacts and been extremely rich for many generations. One night she partakes in an auction where all proceeds go to the Wounded Veterans group. She will go on one date with the winner.
Dorian wins the bid on Alex. He must figure out a way to get the artifact without stealing. But things aren’t always what they seem in this book. There are a few twists and turns involving Usaeil and to an extent, This.
As always I look forward to reading about more Kings finding their mates and more information on the enemy or enemies that are after them all.

Review #4

Audio Dragon Night narrated by Antony Ferguson

Con has reluctantly awoken Dorian from dragon sleep to obtain an artifact with his ability. Dorian hates humans and wants nothing to do with them. He has been asleep since the dragons were sent away. Being sent after an artifact owned by Alexandra Sheridan doesn’t change his opinion until he spends a day with her. Alex changes his perception and allows him to overcome his grief after thousands of years.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. Since Dorian is a new dragon to the story I didn’t expect to like him as much. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that I loved both them and didn’t want to put the book down.

I really can’t wait to get Rhi’s story. We keep getting closer to finding out who her king is and i am anxious to see what will happen between them. I also can’t wait to see what is going to happen with the confrontation of Usaeil.

Review #5

Free audio Dragon Night – in the audio player below

This novella (short story) is #13.5 in the series, “Dark Kings” by author; Donna Grant. This was a charming addition to the series. In this novella (short story) we were introduced to a newly awoken Dragon King, yeah….the HOT Scottish alpha male that’s able to shift into his natural form as a dragon and his story. This little novella (short story) really had the sweetest romance story that is was hard not to fall in love with the characters. It included; romance, heartbreak, suspense, anger and action. The plot twist are still building and getting crazier! It’s really going to be an EPIC ending when this series concludes. If you are in a book rut then this series and author are definitely a must read! You won’t be disappointed! It’s definitely a dragon ride!

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