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Dragonfire audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Dragonfire audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Dragonfire audiobook free

Color me extremely happy burning up with dragon fire! This latest episode in the Dark King Series was so well written, filled with dragon lore and intense romance, I can safely say the author hit one out of the park with Dragon Fire.

Filled with intrigue from the get go regarding V’s missing sword, I was hooked. I honestly thought I was going to be reading his HEA,well I was wrong and I was in for a lovely surprise. One of the best things this author does in every book in this series, is the level of intricate and minute details she employs as she lays out her story. This book had two maybe three plots going that all intertwined and I never got confused. The character I loved the most was Camilo. His endearing and sweet nature kind of blinded me to the fact that he had all the keys Roman and Sabina needed. Roman and Sabina’s attraction to each other and subsequent fall for each other was sizzling hawt. What I wouldn’t give for a hot spring!

This was truly a phenomenal addition to the Dark Kings. I can’t flipping wait for the confrontation between Death, Usaeil, Rhi and Con…it’s going to be epic and I’ll be there with bells on!

Review #2

Dragonfire audiobook in series Dark Kings

Now that Ulrik is back on Dreagan with the rest of the Dragon Kings, there is a new enemy to contend with. I love that we have a new conundrum to solve in this series. A few things were answered but many more questions were awakened. I love this series! Keep up the good work!
Roman has decided to help V/Vlad to find his lost sword. That leads them to Romania, where V originated from. While there, they meet a brother and sister pair.
Sabine was part of the traveling Romani until her mother decided to leave when she was six. Her grandmother told her a story about her ancestors and a Dragon King the night before they left. It was passed down verbally through many generations. Many of her ancestors had gifts including the gift of Sight.
Sabine is now taking care of her brother Camlo who is a man but thinks like a child. He has the gift of talking to animals.
This book is about the four of them working together to try to find the sword while combating magic from both light and dark fae as well as mie and drought magic mixed together. Even though this story is Roman and Sabina’s, we see many different things, including scenes about Useail, Rhi, Daire, Con and Ulrik as well as a hint of the new enemy.

Review #3

Audiobook Dragonfire by Donna Grant

This novel is #14 in the series, “Dark Kings” by author; Donna Grant. This novel was a very suspenseful one with lots of adventure and romance, it really kept the reader on the edge of their seat. The HOT Scottish alpha male that’s able to shift into his natural form as a dragon and his quest to help his fellow Dragon King in locating his stolen sword only to fall for a gypsy lady with ties to the past. It was a wonderful story to add to the series. As a reader of the complete series so far, you can’t help but to fall in love with all the characters and their stories. This one was no different with the adventure, romance, suspense and action. Seriously, if you are in need of starting a new series that keeps your attention then this is the one to try. You won’t be disappointed. It definitely takes you on a dragon ride!

Review #4

Audio Dragonfire narrated by Antony Ferguson

Dragonfire is fast paced story and DG does not disappoint. So much happens in Dragonfire, that I cant give away the details because it will spoil the story. Roman and V go on a little adventure. Con finally admits something to Ulrik and we find out that Daire knows who Rhi’s King is.. I guess I told you too much. Grant is the queen of little clues thrown in though out the story you just have to be looking for them. I think this is why I love her stories. So much is happening, you have to keep track of the players and the secrets. I have decided The Others need to go and soon. I personally can’t wait for Inferno. Happy Reading!!

Review #5

Free audio Dragonfire – in the audio player below

I still love that all the different magic wielders are present and that now the influence of the Others has enriched the plot of this series. I so enjoyed the story of Roman and Sabina. And finally V will be able to join the other Kings at Dreagan. The character of Camlo is so fascinating and sweet. I love his abilities with animals and the Sight. For one so simply focused he has been able to achieve great insight and brings joy and serenity to the people around him. Amidst much danger, many enemies and a ever widening plot, I have fallen in love with dragons all over again. Not to mention Rhi her influence and her power. The Kings are going to need it it seems. Always a fan!

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