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Fever audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Fever audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Fever audiobook free

Readers of paranormal romance will enjoy this book. Donna Grant is a gifted story teller taking you on a trip full of fantasy, wonder, intrigue, deception, passion, and love. The Dragon King’s story continues as Keltan is sent by Ulrik to a discussion on dragons, given by cryptozoologist Bernadette Davies. He is there to discover what she thinks she knows about dragons but soon discovers that the sexy woman has far more knowledge than should be possible and she claims to have irrefutable proof. This cannot be. They have hidden their identity well destroying any evidence of their existence that falls into human hands. Who is divulging this information to her? What is her proof? Who is she working with?
When Bernadette shows up at Draegan unexpectedly Keltan decides to spend time with her giving her the information she wants in order to discover her source. He will then have Guy wipe her memories of dragons, Dreagan, and of him forever. It is for the best. He doesn’t want this mutual attraction they feel, he doesn’t want a human woman, he doesn’t want or need a mate. Happy reading. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Review #2

Fever audiobook in series Dark Kings

Fever is the 16th book in Donna Grants Dark Kings world. The story of Keltan who doesn’t want a mate and Bernadette who is out to prove to the world there are dragons among us. This book was more than their story though, some situations come to a close but that leads to even more questions. I smiled, I cried, I wanted to throw things.

It is hard to say much and stay spoiler free…Keltan and Bernadette (aww slow smolder) Ulrik (perfect) Con (thought so) Rhi (dang girl!) Ubitch (HA!) Balladin (Oh) So much story left to go, so few books to get there.

I have been an avid reader of Ms. Grants books for the past 7 years. I do recommend reading all the books in the series. The Dark World is vast and knowing everything that has come before makes the ride so much more enjoyable. Her website has a reading order list to make it easy. As someone who reads a lot, and I mean a lot, I love the Dark Worlds/Reapers stories she has created. Her characters are strong, smart and full of heart, no whimpering, whining females here!

Review #3

Audiobook Fever by Donna Grant

Wow as usual Donna Grant has written such a great story, I love Kelton and Bernedette’s story from the very first page. I was amazed at how things can change so quickly, and cannot wait for the next book. I think a lot is going to happen in the next story. Rhi was amazing and so was Con.

This series just keeps getting better! Again you find out more about some of the key characters with some shocking twists and turns. Cannot wait for the next one!!

Review #4

Audio Fever narrated by Antony Ferguson

I think it is in the Dark King series, Fever felt a little like a transition book. Grant spent the first handful of chapters catching everyone up on what’s been happening with this current story arc, and yes it’s a lot, while introducing Bernadette and Keltan, this story’s main couple. However, everyone from the Reapers, Dark and Light Fae, to the Dragon Kings and their mates had a moment-or more-and that’s when the story REALLY started taking off in directions that left me thinking “I wasn’t expecting that/I didn’t see this coming/I can’t believe that just happened!”

All I can say is if you’ve been wanting to jump into the Dark King world, Fever would be the perfect book to start with! There’s plenty of information to catch you up on where things stand now before delving into a jam-packed story and then giving teasers into the next arc. Who wouldn’t want to spend a few hours with these amazing dragons?!

Review #5

Free audio Fever – in the audio player below

I received this book as one of Donna Grant’s ARC Angels. This is my view and what I thought about the book, it is in no way a bought review. If you are a first time reader to the Dark Kings, I suggest you stop and go read the first book in the series Darkest Flame. This can be a stand alone but you will not understand everything that is going on.

Y’all, this book is amazing! Donna wraps up some story lines and leaves some new ones. I was SHOOK! This book is about Keltan and Bernadette but it is also about so much more. Donna Grant is wrapping up this series and she is doing it in a fashion that is going to blow your minds. She is great story teller and Fever will pull you in and make you scream, yell, cry and fall in love with the Kings.

Bernadette has knowledge that she is trying to share with the world about dragons and what is going on at Dreagan. She has been warned to expect someone from Dreagan to visit her and to not listen to their lies. She has a lecture about what is going on and she gets the people excited and amped up about it. Little did she know, Keltan was there. Afterwards, she goes to dinner and is confronted by this sexy man who rocks her world before she even knows what is going on.

Keltan expected an older woman as Dr. Davies, boy was he surprised when she turned out to be a beautiful, sexy woman. He listens to her lecture and knows that she is on to something and wants to find out more, find out what she really knows. He finds her at dinner and chats with her a bit but he finds out that she knows they are dragons and he is rocked by it.

Usaeil thinks she has won. She thinks she has bested the Dragon Kings and that she will bring them down. How very wrong she turned out to be.

Bernadette goes to Dreagan to find the truth, Keltan gives it to her. He shows her the manor house, the grounds and lets her figure it out for herself. He falls in love and that is the last thing he wanted. He finds himself protective of Bernadette and does not want harm to come to her, little does he know that Usaeil has put a curse on her and she is dying unless they figure out what has happened.

It will take everyone to figure this riddle out. The battle is going to happen, some are going to be shocked and some are going to die. What is going to happen to our Kings? Read on and find out in FEVER by Donna Grant.

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