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Finding the Dragon audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Finding the Dragon audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Finding the Dragon audiobook free

Jane and Kai’s follow up! and holy sh**e was there a lot going on. It’s hard to write a review without spoilers but I’ll do my best here:

So after hearing that his sister is missing Kai and Jane head to Smowbridge to go and find her. What they discover is a bigger plot that practically blew my mind!

First let’s talk about the fact that Jane and Kai had so many insecurities that was addressed here. Mostly being the fear of losing the other, I am glad they got to prove to each other they were more than enough.

There was three scenes that made me angry, all involving Kai’s past. It was with gritted teeth that I read through them (you will too)

Then the emotional side of it was also hard not to get sad about it. But thankfully it wasn’t many. Even though this book had such much happening with the Snowbridge clan it was still amazing and it open it up to more questions though.

The answers I hope are in Craved by the Dragon (which I can’t wait to read!) A lot packed into a novella and you will not be disappointed these books are getting better and better. And let me point out that with long standing series like this it’s usually the opposite. But Jessie manages to up the ante, bravo girl!

Review #2

Finding the Dragon series Stonefire Dragons

received an ARC for an honest review.

I love, love – Jane and Kai. I have been enamored of series reading for a long time. This couple does not take any crap from anyone – not even each other. I simply think Jessie has a way with her characters that bring them to life so vividly. I enjoy these “novellas” because they are able for us, the readers to see characters we have come to love in the other books.

Finding the Dragon is an outstanding book for the Dragon Series. I have simply enjoyed reading about these fine dragons and their respective humans. I could say so much – but then it would be spoiler alerts galore.

Review #3

Audiobook Finding the Dragon by Jessie Donovan

This is a continue on Jane Hartley & Kai Sutherland story. Kai’s teen sister is missing & Jane feels responsible for telling the girl to much about her (Janey) life of reporting.
Kai & Jabe go to help find the missing girl along with other missing children. Kai accidentally gets hurt & Jane has to deal with Kai’s ex. Will Kai’s love for Jane be enough to with stand the mate-claim frenzy of his true mate that broke him so many years ago.
This book has serious & funny parts. It’s nice to see the softer side to Kai & an even softer side to his dragon. Janey likes to give dragon cuddles & Kai doesn’t like her to call them that, but his dragon doesn’t mind. Got to love dragon cuddles!

Review #4

Audio Finding the Dragon narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies

Well, I’m glad that this is not the ending of Jane and Kai story. I love that Kai pick Jane as her true love. Maybe not here true mate but true love. And I love that there is more stories to come. They are in love. I like that Jane is not pregnant. In some of the other stories there are true mate and get pregnant. Love that but I also love how Jane wants to wait. I can’t wait when more stories come out. Love that they are introducing new characters and potentially more stories. Never end this series! Thank you!!

Review #5

Free audio Finding the Dragon – in the audio player below

This is most definitely not done. I love Kai and Janey. They had to go through so much with his past. And then having to deal with her again, I was hoping Janey would have got a chance to puncher in the face. But then that isn’t like her. Kai, having finally found his mate with Jane, I hope they get to have a baby. I still believe that they are true mates and it just hasn’t kicked in yet. But this adventure isn’t done and I look forward to what is to come next.

The continuing story of Kai and Jane. News comes from Wales that Delia, Kai’s younger half sister is missing. Authorized to travel to Clan Snowdrop to find her and help in the investigation. Kai’s old flame Maggie, Delia’s teacher says Delia was doing a journalist investigation.

What Delia had discovered, the possible links to events, both at Stonefire and in Ireland. Kai in danger, and an old friend trying to come between mates. Surprises includes several children being found amid plus Snowdrop’s leader realizing he needs help. All ends well. A long wait for Killian’s and Brenna’s story.

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