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Flame audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Flame audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Flame audiobook free

This ARC was received through both NetGalley and from Donna Grant’s ARC Angles for an honest review, any and all opinions are strictly my own and no way reflect the opinions of the author or the publisher.

This rollercoaster of ride begins with a Dark Fae, Noreen, sending a warning email to Dreagan which is read by Cain. After meeting Noreen, Cain has to hide her from the Others which becomes problematic since she is being tracked. Once she is safe and the beans begin to spill about the Others, other revelations begin coming to light.

The couple in this book are great, but the back-story bombs are the best. So many story arcs are tied up or a few more puzzle pieces are added so you can see more of the picture. All the back stabbing and double crosses that you didn’t see coming… it was hard not to get whip-lash. For those who familiar with the Dark World. Rhi’s DK has not been officially named yet…. BUT you do get to learn all about the Others, the fate of those who fell during the battle at the Light Castle, why humans were brought to this realm and so much more. It is a must read. Buckle up and enjoy the read.

Review #2

Flame audiobook in series Dark Kings

Flame by Donna Grant places the Dragon Kings of Scotland at the end of a progressively developing war. As good as this news is, we are beginning to gauge the extensive toll it is taken on several principal characters. With the most important battle yet to come, some personal issues need to be properly resolved before the team can present a unified front.

Cain and Noreen suffer a challenging time during their budding romance. Their tale is tense and gripping. The couple’s chemistry is fantastic, and their resolution is completely satisfying. Absolutely, under no circumstances, should you willingly miss this remarkable book. We are in deep guys and boy is there a stunning, informative, and exciting amount of lore addressed here. Many of my theories are this close to being revealed, and it is driving me crazy, in a pleasing way.

One warning, if the Dark Kings series is unfamiliar, it is probably inadvisable to start here. The couple’s story is independent, but the backdrop has advanced over several books. Reading Flame will spoil the larger storyline if one starts at the beginning later, which I highly suggest doing.

Thank you, Donna Grant, for this brilliant book and amazing series! I am completely satisfied with what Flame delivers us readers and cannot wait for more

Review #3

Audiobook Flame by Donna Grant

Donna Grant is a master cryptologist. For ten years – TEN YEARS – I have been consumed with this author’s Dark World. I’ve read, reread, trolled blogs, book clubs, and forums where Grant’s Sword, Warrior, Kings, or Reaper series are picked apart, regurgitated, knitted, and painted (did I mention TEN years) – and still… there is, and has always been two burning questions that fans globally have done everything from begging the author for answers to wearing hair shirts as penance for a lack of patience (maybe that was just me…) – Who is Con’s mate, and Who is Rhi’s King… Flame is the setup to EVERYTHING that Inferno promises to DELIVER!

Grant is a Grandmaster of literary chess. The number of players on Flame’s board is awe-worthy. This is Cain’s story, but it’s also the final setup to what has been ten glorious years in the making. Grant reveals, riddles, shatters, and constructs. Epic❣

The countdown to FINALLY finding out EVERYTHING we’ve been DYING to know about the King of Dragon Kings drops August 25, 2020 – Inferno! If you are not caught up on your Dragon Kings – Hurry Up!!!

Review #4

Audio Flame narrated by Antony Ferguson

We are coming to an end of a series that has spanned decades, and I’ve loved every minute of it. The Dark Kings was what I consider a perfect example of what a PNR should be. It was sex and romance, certainly, just as there always is in your typical PNR, but that’s where it stops being typical. The storyline Donna Grant developed over the years was intricate, intense, exciting and so very emotional. There was a real story to follow.

The Dark Kings is a misnomer, as far as I’m concerned. They were the Dragon Kings, and there was nothing dark about them. But their world tended to be dark. They had to hide from the world lest us humans destroy them as we’re wont to do. Yet they spent a great deal of time-saving our hides from behind the curtains. And their friends jump in when necessary, too. Friends like the Light Fae and the Reapers and the Warriors (The Reapers and The Warriors were so substantial themselves, they each warranted their own series!). The life of the Dragon King was never dull, that’s for sure.

In this one, Cain is sent to confront a member of The Others, an adversarial group of dark Druids and Dark Fae, who has turned traitor and wants to help the Kings. This is where he meets Noreen, a Light Fae turned Dark. Being the 17th book, the outcome was inevitable. Dragon meets mate, dragon falls in love with mate and lots of sex. But the storyline was anything but inevitable. That’s where Donna Grant excelled. We’re so close to the end here, and things are coming to a head. Something needs to give, someone needs to get rid of Usaeil, the Queen of the LIght Fae, and Moreann, the leader in The Others. And someone needs to get to the bottom of the intrigue going on around Noreen. And the dragons need help this time.

It was the storyline that carried this one. The love affair between Cain and Noreen was just a little too predictable, but I forgive that in the 17th novel of a series because that part of the PNR is bound to become a little stale. But the storyline carried on throughout the entire series, making it something I needed to continue because how can I not find out what happens next?

I’m going to miss this series. I put it up there with Black Dagger Brotherhood, Dark Hunters and Vampires in America. And all the other top-shelf PNR series, which means there will be one less for me to look forward to itś new release. Was the mating part of the PNR dwindling? Sad to say yes. But that’s to be expected after so long. But she pulled off an amazing storyline that isn’t done yet! I’m actually excited to read the last book. There are unresolved issues that I just know Donna will resolve, and there are people who have yet to get together.

So, this novel in the Dark Kings series wasn’t quite up to her usual standards in the PNR department. But the storyline definitely saved the day. The excitement of watching things come to a head was exhilarating, and as always in the case of various species attempting to live together on one world, in one realm, there was strife galore. I simply cannot wait to get into Inferno to see how this all ends.

Review #5

Free audio Flame – in the audio player below

Flame is the second to last book in the Dragon Kings series. It is the story of Cain (King of the Navy Dragons) and Noreen. I loved this story. I ran the gamut of emotions, happy, sad, angry while I was reading this book. This book moves us closer to The Others, Rhi’s destiny, Con’s story. We get more of The Reapers and Death. This is an action-packed story that leaves you wanting more. Though it could be read as a stand-alone (the background of the Dragon Kings is given to catch the reader as to what has happened in the books leading up to this one), it is best read as part of the Dragon King series.

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