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Gryff The Gaming Adventurer audiobook – Audience Reviews

Review #1

Gryff The Gaming Adventurer full audiobook free

If you’re looking for another book with Gryff, this is one, so go on ahead. If not, I’d suggest giving it a pass – at least until you’ve read the other books in the Prox universe.

The writing seems rushed, and I’m not talking about the pace of the storyline. Words are skipped and frequently out of sentence order, which is quite frustrating. You can puzzle out the intended meaning with moderate effort, for the most part, but it happens so frequently that it does get pretty annoying. I kept having to stop and re-read sentences and paragraphs to figure out was being said, which kept me from being able to get truly absorbed into the admittedly interesting story. There are also numerous errors, such as using “adventures” when “adventurers” is clearly called for, that add to the frustration. All in all, the story and characters make for a far better book than this actually is, but are good enough to keep it from being terrible.

Review #2

Gryff The Gaming Adventurer audiobook in series Gryff The Griffin Rider

Ah this series are quite a fun read.
And in this book he discovers MONSTERGIRLS. lol
A little bit more mellow Gryff is still a bad ass dude kicking ass and making waves, again.
Now in a different but quite cool verse.
I am for sure along for the ride of this tale of adventure and mayhem.

Oh and the end bit, so dark, but so fitting in its own way. >:-)

Review #3

Gryff The Gaming Adventurer audiobook by Marcus Sloss

Great to return to Gryff and his adventures. Much lighter in tone then previously. Enjoyable characters and plot and looking forward to the next book

Review #4

Gryff The Gaming Adventurer audio narrated by Daniel Wisniewski Rebecca Woods

Absolutely enjoy the Gryff series. My only issue, waiting for the next book is almost as bad as how quickly I read them. Really appreciate the authors stories of this world. Very much encourage anyone interested in fantasy with lite gaming mechanics and some small smattering of science, to give the series a try. Likely you too will be pleasantly surprised.

Review #5

free audio Gryff The Gaming Adventurer – in the audio player below

I was worried when Gryff got sucked out of the Prox Universe but the so far I really like where the story is going. I cant wait for the next book.

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