How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm

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How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm audiobook

Hi, are you looking for How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm audiobook free

This series of books has been a hit with my 6 year old grandson (and me). We are working our way through the entire collection about the boyhood of the famous Viking Hiccup and his friends and dragons. Vivid characters, sometimes crude and a little violent, the stories are creative, suspenseful and exciting. Although they are stand alone stories with flashbacks and background, it is far more fun to start with Book 1 and work your way through the series. Even the drawings done by the author are terrific. Yes Vikings can be ugly and it beats the beautified and sanitized version of books one and two Disney did. Hats off toe Cowell.

Review #2

How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm series How to Train Your Dragon

Review #3

Audiobook How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm by Cressida Cowell

…but Cressida Cowell can do it! I have read and purchased every single one of her Dragon series books, including the imports and special titles not easily available in the United States, and I have loved them all! They just keep getting better and better, and that’s not an easy task for an author. In fact, the very first book in the dragon series (How to Train Your Dragon) was my LEAST favorite!

If you have read Cressida’s other dragon books: look for more of your favorite characters, some really funny scenes with Fishlegs, Stoick the Vast, and Big-Boobied Bertha. You’ll see some favorite old villains and get to accompany Hiccup on a journey to find “America.” You’ll meet some new characters and a frightening sea dragon (there is such an AWESOME picture of him on the front cover!!). You see Hiccup really grow up a lot in this story, and his true bravery shines through stronger than ever.

If you have never read Cressida’s books or only read a few: there is some crude humor here, farting jokes, booby jokes, so if that kind of thing offends you or your child, you might want to think twice. The sea dragon is described in scary detail, including its immense size and shooting poison from its mouth, so if you plan to read this to a youngster who might get nightmares, it might not be the best choice. And as always, I recommend reading her books in order, so start with the first one and read your way up to this one. But remember, out of all of her books, I found the first to be my least favorite, and I’m not really sure why that is.

Last fact to know is that this is an import and it’s paperback. I prefer buying her books in hardcover to add to my collection, but I couldn’t wait for this one! Being an import, it contains some British slang and spelling that U.S. children might not understand at first, but nothing that would interfere with the story.

I am an elementary school teacher and have read Cressida’s stories aloud to my 2nd graders. If your child is too young to read this on his own, it will make a wonderful read aloud, too.

Review #4

Audio  Hornblower  narrated by David Tennant

How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm, the seventh book in the Heroic Misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, is as good if not better than the previous books in this strong series. My 8 year-old daughter and I always enjoy reading these books together, and this book is no exception. Unlike the previous books, however, this one breaks new ground by dispensing with the formula of viking training exercises and replacing it with an all-tribes competition. It places the VIking chief Stoick in just as much danger as his son Hiccup. And we begin to see clear evidence of the development of the young Viking Hiccup into the great hero he is destined to become. How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm also takes place mostly out on the ocean, which offers a compelling setting for the adventures of the book. All in all, Book 7 of this wonderful series demonstrates that Cressida Cowell is at the top of her craft, and we hope that we don’t have to wait too long for Book 8 to come out!

Review #5

Free audio Hornblower – in the audio player below

My son, my husband and myself are addicted to the Hiccup books. I would like to give David Tennant, Cressida Cowell and the genius who decided to do them in audio book format a medal. The stories have everything for younger (and in my case, older) readers; adventures, boundless imagination and laughter a plenty. This one is no exception. Hiccup falls into another adventure once again and I really don’t want to spoil it by telling you about it. All the favourite characters are here again. Hiccup is the lovable but unlikely hero, his sidekick fish legs is a laugh a minute and toothless is the dragon every boy would want. I can’t recommend these books, in any format, enough but please, please read them in order becasue they do follow on. My son stared reading them at 6 years old and now at 12 he still can’t wait for the next one. David Tennant is such a talent and an inspired choice to narrate the books. Thank you.

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