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Hunter’s Moon audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Hunter’s Moon audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Hunter’s Moon audiobook free

Granted, this is a murder mystery. By definition, there is at least one death.
So an initial question is always who is the victim, and if they deserve killing. Hard on the heels of that question – who done it.
Here, we start with a group of well-defined characters that have marched through several adventures together, and a set of new characters, equally defined.
And we know – some will live, and some will die, there will be strife, and danger, and somehow, there will be survival. At least, that’s what we expect.
I did not expect heartbreak.
But I got it.
In spades.
With an assurance, as strong as survival, of more to come.
Read it and weep.

Review #2

Hunter’s Moon audiobook in series Kate Shugak Series

I absolutely love Kate Shugak. She is one strong female, so smart. She may be only 5 feet tall, but is strong, a survivor, and very aware of the dangers of the wild. Can be very caring. Love her loyal dog. The story is fascinating. Good character development. I have read most of this author’s books featuring Kate and have never been disappointed. Well worth your time to read this series.

Review #3

Audiobook Hunter’s Moon by Dana Stabenow

Yes Dana Stabenow is a great writer (5 stars) but I think she may have lost me with this plot twist (0 stars). I have loved, loved, loved every single book up until now. I just got back from Alaska where I bragged about how great they are to anyone who would listen. And then on the plane home I got to THAT POINT and it almost ruined my 17 day trip. And I loved this one too, up to THAT POINT where I actually cried for a fictional character, for Kate, for Mutt, I’M ON THE PLANE. I finished the book in shock and now don’t know if I want to go on. I realize there are many more books that tell Kate’s story but if this type of story line is going to be a common, or even uncommon, one I’m not sure I can invest myself again. Yes I know they are fictional but I put my heart into them when I read (credit great writing) and I don’t know if I can go through that kind of grief again. So we’ll see, it’s going to take some time.

Review #4

Audio Hunter’s Moon narrated by Marguerite Gavin

This book was so full of twists and turns that I had a hard time keeping up. The setting is in the Alaskan bush that is the habitat for many wild animals that makes the area a hunter’s paradise. A group of German business people are at the somewhat primitive hunting camp to hunt moose and bear for 10 days. As usual, Jack and Kate find themselves knee deep in adventure, muck and mayhem. They have hired on to be guides for the German computer executives. Most of these characters are hateful, egoistical tyrants or misfits who enjoy dictating the well being of those around them. None of them seem to trust their fellow colleagues. All seem to resent being told what they can and cannot do by the guides. As the days progress mishap after mishap clouds the overall well being of everyone at the camp.

Mayhem is everywhere from an accidental death (yeah, right!) to a wild man, attempted rape and dead bodies everywhere. It soon becomes obvious that a murderer is among the group, and the reader may be surprised at who the villain is. The story is literally “run for your life” adventure. There are enough tragedies to make the reader duck for cover, shed a few tears and be determined to run in and give Kate a helping hand. It appears the killer does not plan to leave any survivors…..especially the guides. Nobody, but nobody is safe at or near the camp. How many bodies will the killer(s) heap onto the carnage pile? This is one Dana Stabenow book that may not easily be forgotten. The characters are well-defined and the reader will, no doubt, develop an intense dislike for most of them. If one has read the previous books in the series the ending may very well be an emotional one. I was saddened by Kate’s loss, and I will eagerly start on the next book in the series to see how Kate copes and how her life moves forward.

Review #5

Free audio Hunter’s Moon – in the audio player below

I missed the proper order of Kate’s character in Stabenow’s books and when I discovered that something had happened to Jack, I quickly searched on line for what book I had missed and Hunter’s Moon was the one. This is not one to miss, it is essential to each of her main characters, and a pivitol point for Kate. To say that I would be touched by this story’s development is an understatement. Dana Stabenow was able to express a woman’s most emotional moment in life with great depth and sincerety and believeability. It caught me by surprise that she could do that so well, since I had already gathered that Jack’s outcome was a given and so I wouldnt be surprised, I;m glad I was surprised because in reading her series she does’t ever let her readers down, at least, so far.

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