I Believe in a Thing Called Love

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I Believe in a Thing Called Love audiobook

Hi, are you looking for I Believe in a Thing Called Love audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

I Believe in a Thing Called Love audiobook free

I have read many YA books and they usually follow a couple of familiar formulas and even though they are predicable they are fun and entertaining. Sadly, the same can not be said about this book.

This books presents it’s self as fun high school get together story about a young boy and girl where hi jinks ensue in order for the girl to get the boy, but those “hi jinks” are borderline psychopathic, actually scratch that, they’re straight up psychopathic.

I am used to the YA formula full of crazy/cute/funny plans to obtain a love interest. The girl will put a plan into action to get the guy of her dreams, and will spend majority of the book putting this crazy/cute/funny plan into action. The guy finds out about the crazy/cute/funny plan and despite that they end still liking each other because while weird, the plan is always harmless, and they are compatible and actually like the other person and end up getting together somewhere around the last couple of chapters.

**Spoiler Alert**

In this book, not only is the plan that Desi (our main character) puts in to place a crazy, scheming manipulative, devious plan, it’s down right illegal and psychopathic. She literally causes a car accident on On Purpose, and still continues with her plan after that.

In addition to having an actual insane person as the main character, the love interest and Desi get together so fast. Now usually when the two main characters get together very quickly in a book and it means that by the end of the book there is a lesson that will be learned, because then the point of the book won’t the getting together, it would have been the lesson that was learned because of the getting together. If you thought that was what you were getting with this book, think again!

Not only does our main character intentionally cause a car accident, she repeatedly puts her love interest in situations that will get him into trouble (more than he is already in), she invades his privacy, she continues along with her plan even after finding out that he was already manipulated once by his ex, and when he finds out about her plan and breaks up with her, she still keeps going and nearly gets him killed in a swimming pool.

And I honestly would have been half okay with the book if at that point she actually learned something, but no, instead of having Desi realize she needs psychiatric help if she thought what she did was okay, the author decided to completely brush over everything after Desi shouts that she loves Luca (our love interest) as if that solves anything, as if it’s okay to nearly kill someone (twice!) because she liked him so much after knowing him for a month. Luca of course forgives her in 2.3 seconds because “true love” and all that garbage (and while we’re on the topic of Luca, he’s not even a likable character, not only is kind of flat and one dimensional, he’s annoying. This was not a love story I was rooting for).

I do not like that nobody holds Desi accountable, they all treat what she did like a mild infraction, instead a serious issue that would have had me calling the police if I was Luca. Even her father (a whole grown man) doesn’t hold her accountable, he just give bogus advice about not letting go and fighting for love.

I also have an issue with Desi implying that her fighting for Luca with her plan was in some way a feminist act. How? Where? Because she was just a creepy as a man is when trying justify being crazy in the name of love? She needs to take several seats on that one.

And the one line that made me actually angry enough to want to stop reading the book is the following: “I was hoping that watching me interact lovingly with children would appeal to some biological straight-guy instinct”.
So apparently straight guys are the ones who have “biological instinct” in wanting a family.

Bottom line this book was not my cup of tea, both main characters were not likable and no lessons were learned by anyone. Not even Luca learned his lesson, he went from one manipulative relationship right into another, “good job bro”.

This book was pointless, and dangerous for young readers who think this type of behavior is romantic.

I will say that I did like the style of writing and Desi’s relationship with her father was really cute (if only he knew how to give proper advice and not raise a a crazy person).


Review #2

I Believe in a Thing Called Love audiobook streamming online

I bought this book because of the cover and the title. I saw, I Believe in a Thing Called Love, and I started dancing, as the addicting song by The Darkness played in my head. I mean, thats as good a reason as any to spend money on something. Add to that, the adorable cover, and Amazon had my money.

This book, by Maurene Goo, is the epitome of cute. The plot is cute and the characters are cute, and I say that with respect. I didnt think Id like it at first, because the opening chapters seemed a bit obvious, but it wasnt long before I was enchanted.

“I Believe in a Thing Called Love” follows Desi, a type A heroine during her senior year, after she concocts an insane plan to get a boy to fall in love with her. Desi is a literal, fact-based, skeptic who as it turns out is deeply romantic. Shes an overachiever and caretaker, a role she inhabited after her mother died. Shes kind, smart, loyal, and fearless.

Shes also an awkward, clumsy mess when it comes to romance and flirting. The klutzy scenes made me roll my eyes at first, but once I was about 1/3 into the book, I just decided to just roll with it, and I ended up finding Desi funny and endearing and started rooting for her.

This novel is predictable, but I still wanted to finish it. Literally, it follows a formula as Desi follows a formula, and each chapter heading tells you whats happening next, but I still kept reading, because I love romance. I knew how it would play out and how it would end (as we always know how romances end) but that didnt make me love it any less. I closed this book with a huge smile on my face, and a strong hankering to download a bunch of K dramas.

So, I recommend this book to romance lovers (obviously), YA lovers, readers who crave diversity and lively characters. Maurene Goos novel is vibrant and special.


Review #3

Audiobook I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

This was recommended to me to help me get outside reading slump. I’m not sure I’m all the way out but I do feel better.

This book was a bit more dramatic than other cutesy YA I’ve read but the MC is literally following Korean drama shows to help her make a boy her boyfriend so the drama is expected.

This was sweet, made me roll my eyes in some parts and laugh aloud in others. It’s a nice break from the heaviness I’ve been reading lately.

A few critiques, I’m kinda bored with POC characters falling for the same type of white boy (broody, artsy and rich) and also, what’s with all the dead mother’s? The mumss don’t need to be dead to make the father’s life have purpose as a good dad. Also, this is the second book I’ve read recently that has Darcy and Rochester references as ideal romantic heroes. I think it’s time for new ones nah?

All in all, is say this was adorns and a nice change of pace.


Review #4

Audio I Believe in a Thing Called Love narrated by Emily Woo Zeller

I found the premise interesting, which is why I picked this up. While I read a lot of YA books, I tend to stay in the realm of fantasy and scifi, so a high school story was definitely not something I usually go for, and reading this book made me realise why. The characters were endearing and difficult not to love – but the storyline, while including some interesting bits, was mostly quite a basic teen love story. It made me realise that I was probably a bit too old to fit into the intended audience for this book. Still, a sweet story and probably a great read for someone actually still in high school.


Review #5

Free audio I Believe in a Thing Called Love – in the audio player below

If you like to watch K dramas or asian dramas of any kind or even Manga, then this is the book for you. It follows the typical K drama plot line but in a unique way. Loved this book from start to finish. The story was full of laughter and cringe-worthy moments and romance!


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