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Ignite audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Ignite audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Ignite audiobook free

I love the Dragon Kings. I started the series without having read any of this author’s other work, and while at first the Druid / Warrior hooks were a bit jarring, I didn’t feel the need to have to purchase their series to read the Kings. But then the Reapers were introduced, and the Reapers HAD to have interaction with one of the two over reaching main characters (Rhi and Con) in a manner which almost made it a necessity to read the Reaper series. (In my case, there were enough hints to appear Rhi might look to the Reapers for her next love interest). But then wham, nope.

For me Ulrich’s book was the culmination of the series, following his book should have been wrap ups for the rest of the mateless King’s whom had already been mentioned (including Con and Rhi). Instead with the novella’s we have yet more King’s introduced. It is rather jarring to pick up a book and have a scene where the author indicates there are two or three other couples waiting for the mating ceremony and I am in my head thinking ‘what, where did they come from?’ only to find it was some obscure novella.

The first half of the series had such dynamic characters and their mates, which have been lost in the fog of Kingly colors. I pick up a book now and basically read the first two chapters, then search for mentions of ‘Rhi’ and ‘Con’, read those, and then the last two chapters plus epilogue, and boom, I’ve got all the information I need.

That is, if I even want to buy the next release. Quite frankly, the answer is more than likely ‘No’. Why? When the book is more than likely about some King only mentioned for a sentence or two in a previous book, with more outliers to additional series I am not reading why bother for just another teaser with little substance (half the pages in the books now are rehashes) An author can only hold out so many carrots on a string to lure readers before the carrots begin to rot and lose their attraction.

Review #2

Ignite audiobook in series Dark Kings

I couldn’t wait for this book to hit my kindle. In between a crazy schedule and kiddos, I buried my nose deep into the latest installment of the Dark Kings series. Ahhhh I loved every minute.

Oh V! I know I sound like a love sick puppy, but damn I couldn’t be more happy for this Dragon King. This author knows how to just reach right in and tug at your heart as you find yourself falling for another totally lovable couple. Vlad and Claire’s love story is the perfect balance of contemporary drama with dragon lore.

V and Claire were two peas who only needed a push to be in the same pod. Both were lonely in their own way. The author gives Claire this contemporary secret identity as she tries over and to find an end to her loneliness. Let’s just say this secret identity affects everyone in one way or the other and it was the perfect piece of contemporary flare. From the minute V met her after waking up, V couldn’t acceptnir deny she was for him, his mate. He pushed it away but Claire called to him, to the side he ached to fill. Reading their story, you can’t help but feel the tension and then feel the love. Cheering them on was just a given. While their love story is the high point, the plot thickens as war between U-witch,the Others and the Dragon Kings is imminent. Rhi is ready. Death is ready. The Dragon Kings are ready. If this is anything like the GOT’s Battle for Winterfell, the next book in this series will be EPIC!!! I can’t wait.

Review #3

Audiobook Ignite by Donna Grant

I gave it 3 stars simply because it’s book 15! When will this series end? I love Donna Grant, have read all her books but I’m bored with this series. I keep reading to find out about Rhi and Con. In all honestly there are so many books that it’s hard to keep track of who is who, and who is with who.

Review #4

Audio Ignite narrated by Antony Ferguson

I still have a love of the Dark Kings novels, but once in a while, she comes up with one that’s just a little too fluffy By that I mean too sappy, too romantic. There was a bit too much of the mush in this one, but that was fairly easily overlooked by the storyline.

There are some heavy-duty fights going on between the various factions of the world of the Dark Kings. The Dragons are in conflict with the Queen of the Light Fae, which is nothing new but has definitely reached some rather intense levels. The Queen is also in conflict with the dark fae, the druids and the humans. Actually, she doesn’t get along with anyone. The Dragon Kings are forming alliances that are out of their comfort zone, but definitely necessary if they are to win this war. Then there are the “Others”, which seem to be a combo of Light and Dark Fae, Good and Evil Druids, and humans who can use magic. They are an unknown that has joined with the Queen of the Light Fae to rid the world of the dragons, which is causing the dragons tremendous distress not to mention their mates who are being targeted as well.

Review #5

Free audio Ignite – in the audio player below

V’s story follows on from the last book, the books are a series, Dark Kings and follow in order, I recommend you read the first one and go from there. Back to V. He finds his sword and love, although the love is a while in coming. He feels unworthy of her, what kind of King is he, if he cannot use his sword?? He is torn between returning to his mountain and claiming the love of a human female, Claire. She is vibrant, sassy, sexy, fun loving, but there is hurt in her soul, badly treated by human males, can she trust what her heart is telling her? Does she trust this man who holds her heart in his hands. War is coming. Does he stay with Claire, or leave? There is danger all around, but the love that glows brightly in the dark shines ever brighter. He can take on the world with Claire by his side. The book is great, I couldn’t put it down once I started to read it, I had to know what was on the next page. The ending, wow, I cant wait for the next book, this one, well I wont spoil it, but you have to read it, Con, alive or dead, is he waiting for his moment or in danger? The book has you in suspense, laughing, crying and dreaming. I recommend you read it, I promise you will love it.

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