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Kingdom of Lies audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Kingdom of Lies audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Kingdom of Lies audiobook free

I am obsessed with this series. I bought the first book exactly three weeks ago and I just finished Kingdom of Lies. I’ve been reading these books in the morning before work, when I get home from work, and even my lunch break at work.

If you’ve already read the rest of the series, you know that Sam is a fantastic character. I love that she always ends up in some absurd situation or gets caught up in some scenario where she’s not afraid to embarrass herself. This book is no different. Sam has to fight off Destructo Kitty, negotiate with a dragon while naked, get a deadly and annoyingly persistent harpy back through a gate, and stop a surprisingly powerful greed demon who got too greedy for his own good. Just like with all of her books, there were some scenes that were laugh out loud (or snort out loud) funny.

However, I had three issues with Kingdom of Lies.

The first is that it took awhile for this book to really get going. I’m estimating that the first 25% was set up. There are so many scenes before the action really begins. We get not one but TWO set up scenes with Sam visiting Gareth the sorcerer to hear what he wants her to find for him. We get multiple set up scenes with Kirby wanting her to fix the agricultural problem for the humans in Hel- which requires her to talk to Amber and again with Kirby. We get multiple set up scenes for the Traveler’s Veil and strange creatures running amok. We even get set up scenes for what will probably be the next book (i.e. the bounty on Sam’s head) or scenes for other novelas (Gabriel needing time off). It was too much.

My second issue with the book was that it was confusing. I have not read the other series or side stories or novelas written by this author, and for the first time, I felt like I was really missing something. There were so many random references that I thought maybe I had skipped an entire book and had to double check that I had not. My confusion involved references as to Gregory being able to split himself, Zelanes having a grudge against Sam, Dar having an angel girlfriend, Amber knowing how to use her elf abilities somehow without having ever met an elf or having done any training (as far as these books have explained), and even a brief reference to Nyalla and a ghoul. My biggest issue involved Wyatt. Wyatt has been in this series from the beginning. Although their relationship seemed to be winding down in the last book, I was confused as to why they weren’t talking in this book and why there was so much tension between them. There were references to Wyatt and a genie or something in Chicago and Sam having hurt feelings. When did this happen?? Not in this series. Wyatt has been a sizable secondary character from the beginning and it was frustrating that a big change in their relationship happened outside the books in this series.

My third problem with this book involved the overall series story arc involving the angels and the demons. In the last few books, the tension between the angels seemed to be coming to a head. More and more angels were unhappy with the restrictions placed on them and it appeared that Aaru was on the verge of a civil war. However, there was absolutely no progression of that story line in Kingdom of Lies. Instead, we get a quick line from Gabriel about singlehandedly trying to prevent a revolution- right before he asks for a 2 week vacation. I was very disappointed by how anti-climatic this book was in regard to that story arc.

Not only was the civil war in Aaru story line either side stepped or resolved, but the restrictions between the angels and demons seemed surprisingly relaxed already. In Kingdom of Lies, demons and angels are pairing off, and an archangel is helping Sam with Infernal Mates, and apparently the Ruling Council has no problem with any of that. When did all this happen? What happened to keeping demons in Hel and away from Earth? Before, only Sam could get away with bending the rules and only because she is the Iblis. But now everyone is bending or breaking the rules with no consequences. I couldn’t tell if I was missing something from one of the side novels/novelas or if the author just breezed through major conflict that should have progressed slowly through the next couple books.

I would recommend this book to fans of the series. Overall, Sam’s antics and the action in the last half of the book make up for what was a slow start and what felt like many gaps in the story. Plus, we get to see more of Hel, which was fun. I do have a big problem with the author expecting us to read her spin off books and placing pivotal relationship changes in those books rather than this series. It was pretty frustrating and if it continues, I may stop reading the series. For now, though, I’m looking forward to reading about what trouble Sam gets into next.

Review #2

Kingdom of Lies audiobook in series Imp Series

Sam, the star of the Imp Series and a demon said “we all ate the occasional human …. It’s not like they tasted particularly good or anything.” And “I ran like Satan himself was after me. Oh wait ; I was Satan.”

I’m had to start off with just a couple of the funnier things Samantha said to her fellow demons, humans, elves or “HER ANGEL” Gregory. This was a smooth flowing story about Sam fighting, hiding, running and being beaten to a pulp by a demon who wanted everything. I mean everything – Heaven, Hel and the human world. He had a special gem, which was stolen, that gave him massive powers to kill demons, humans and even Angels. Sam, Gregory and her human and demon friends tried their best to hunt him down. Lots of craziness, hilarious situations – especially with a dragon in England, death, destruction, friendships, laughter and a tiny bit of love were found throughout. Another great story by Debra Dunbar for her Imp Series.

Review #3

Audiobook Kingdom of Lies by Debra Dunbar

Be warned if your easily offended or have low tolerance for raunchy humor & adult language this series is not for you.

You’d think the life of a Choas Demon would be freeing if not a laugh a minute. Unfortunately poor Sam’s bogged down by responsibility. Her duties as the Iblis are time consuming resulting in high stress & no time for romance.
In Kingdom of Lies (Imp, #7) Sam & one of my fave archangels Rafael (I heart Rafi) have gone into the matchmaking business together. Infernal Mates pairs interested Demons & Angels together in hopes they’re breeding compatible. Think: A hybrid between a game show & match making service. FUN TIMES!
But love isn’t the only finicky Bia Sam’s having to deal with. The elves have joined forces & placed a reward on her head literally they prefer her dead. Gareth & Kirby have asked Sam to repay her favors/debt AKA provided Sam impossible tasks. Kirby has asked that Sam solve an agricultural problem & Gareth has tasked Sam with a retrieval job. Sam’s help is also required to locate previously closed portals which are now being mysteriously opened in mass allowing dangerous species into the human realm.
Needless to say this book was fast paced, filled with adventure & comic relief. The author as usual did an excellent job moving the overall story arc forward. I for one can’t wait to see what those elves are plotting.
I recommend this book to any readers who enjoy raunchy humor, mischief, & UF.

As an example of said raunchy humor I’ll leave you with three of my fave quotes:

“This is a complete assembly intercourse.” It took me a second to realize what he meant. “Cluster F (bomb), babe. The term is cluster F (bomb).”

“First, we’re going to take some time for us.” Sounded lovely. I thought through all the s*** I needed to do and came up with about fifteen minutes I could spare. “Okay. Coffee shop? If we hurry, we might be able to get in some barbeque and a beer.” “No, I was thinking more like a lesson in teleportation.” “I think I’ll pass.” Seriously? That was his idea of “us” time? Of me taking a break. Angels. My idea of taking a break was sprawling naked while he took a journey south of the border along my skin.”

“I’m assuming the widened eyes and squished up mouth are your way of entreating me to take you to the train station and help you question the humans. Either that or you’re constipated.” “I’m not constipated.” I resumed The Look.”

Review #4

Audio Kingdom of Lies narrated by Angela Rysk

I can’t put into words how much I love this series. Although it is full of action, mishaps and the occasional splash of romance, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Picking up one of Dunbars books is akin to curling up with a favourite movie – Lovable characters, interesting story line and the guarantee of a few laughs.

Just like the books that came before it, this one lets us follow Sam on her latest adventure, getting herself into trouble at every turn. Along with the usual cast of characters, the angels and demons,  werewolves and elves, we also get an array of new faces. New demons, brownies, dragons, unicorns and trolls. More creatures can only mean one thing, more opportunities for disaster to strike! And with wild gates opening all over the world, a mysterious missing gem and a greed demon on the rampage, there’s no shortage of drama for Sam and co.

One of the main things I love about Dunbars writing is her wicked sense of humour; I laughed out loud so many times whilst reading this book, particularly when it came down to the scenes containing certain cute creatures who aren’t all that they seem! I’m desperate to get stuck into book 8 now and carry on with the adventures, no doubt Sam will be up to her eyes in trouble again!

Review #5

Free audio Kingdom of Lies – in the audio player below

You’d think by book 7 a series would be getting stale or predictable , well not this one . Debra Dunbar just goes from strength to strength , not content with collecting a menagerie of paranormal waifs & strays , Samantha now has to help Gregory close down all the gates that are opening up all over the world & letting long banished creatures back to Earth . She also owes a couple of people a huge amount of favours & when she gets an offer to clear most of teh debt in one go she jumps at the chance but being Sam nothing is ever easy as it seems . Be careful where you read these books because you just won’t be able to help laughing out loud at parts of this book .Can’t wait for the next one.

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