Let’s Hear It For The Deaf Man

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Let\’s Hear It For The Deaf Man audiobook – Audience Reviews


Hi there, are you looking for Let\’s Hear It For The Deaf Man audiobook free? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it, thanks.


Review #1

Let\’s Hear It For The Deaf Man full audiobook free


One of the best Ed McBain 87th Precinct novels, a real page turner. This was originally released in 1972.

The diabolical nemesis of the 87th known as the Deaf Man is back again to taunt the cops, especially Det Steve Carella. The last time they met was in the 1968 book “Fuzz”. The Deaf Man got away then but not before Carella was able to shoot and wound him with his service revolver. He starts off right away with a phone call to the precinct announcing he is back. He is soon sending clues in the mail to Carella, telling him he will commit another crime on a certain date.

There are other things happening in this one, Carella is also investigating a gruesome murder of a long haired man found nailed to the wall of an abandoned tenement.

Det Bert Kling is looking into some burglaries where the perp leaves a live kitten at the scene of each one. Kling is attracted to one of the victims, a beautiful red headed model named Augusta Blair. Kling’s love affairs never end happily so we have to watch on this one.

The Deaf Man has another surprise in store in the final pages. Read this and find out.


Review #2

Let\’s Hear It For The Deaf Man audiobook in series 87th Precinct


A young man is found nailed to a wall, the detectives of the 87 call this the Jesus case. A very successful cat burglar is plying his trade and leaving a little kitten as his calling card and as if this wasn’t enough for the men of the 87 here comes the deaf man. The deaf man starts to send clues to the 87 but they are all addressed to Stephen Carella Detective 2nd grade. He and the deaf man had met before and the deaf man is challenging Carella to a new game.

After reading so many of these books I always looked forward to the next one because the men of the 87 became so familiar to me, I liked the characters, they were so well written as was the police procedure. Ed McBain nailed it.


Review #3

Let\’s Hear It For The Deaf Man audiobook by Ed McBain


A typical McBain collage; a phone call from a voice in the past, a cat burglar, a crucifixion, a man with an arrow through his chest, photostats of famous personalities, a romance and, out of nowhere, a philosophical interlude. Are they related? Will they eventually converge? Not to give too much away, wait for the surprises; they are waiting for you.
If you enjoy a good, old fashioned detective story and a pretty quick read, pick up this 1972, sit back and escape for a few hours.


Review #4

Let\’s Hear It For The Deaf Man audio narrated by Ron McLarty


There is a reason the 87th Precinct novels have remained so popular and this novel is a prime example, they are some of the best police mysteries that you will read. You do have to keep in mind these were written some in a time without all the technology we have now. These are books of a simpler time when the police detectives pitted their mind against the criminal`s mind. A great read to just escape to and enjoy.


Review #5

free audio Let\’s Hear It For The Deaf Man – in the audio player below


Just the right amount of ironic humor. Great plot progression. I love this author. Very entertaining read. Will continue to read all his works.


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