Letting Go

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Letting Go is a book that shows the pathway of surrender. It is a philosophy book which is written by David R. Hawkins MD. Ph.D. He is an internationally recognized teacher of spirituality. He is also a writer and founder of Veritas Publishing. He is also credited with the development of the Map of Consciousness. Transcending the Levels of Consciousness is a self-help book by Hawkins. The Eye of the I is another book on philosophy that comes with inspiring content.

The narration of this book is done by Peter Lownds Ph.D. Lownds is a talented narrator and he narrated and executed the overall audiobook quite well.

Letting Go

The book describes a very effective and simple approach to help in letting go of all the obstacles in your life for the sake of enlightenment. Once you adapt to such a setting then you will be able to overcome any negativity if you have. During multiple years of the clinical psychiatric practice of the writer, the primary aim here was to look for the most beneficial methods to relieve people from any suffering. If we look at the inner mechanism of surrender, then we will find the great practical benefit. All this is given in the book in good detail.

The last book of Dr. Hawkins focused mainly on the advanced states associated with enlightenment and awareness. You will be able to relate a few things here as well to get a bigger picture.

The premise of this book is top-notch and it will make you feel good about it so that you could listen to it at length. The first chapter is quite thorough, comprehensive, and humorous. It lays a very strong foundation for this book.

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