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Limitless is a book based on the psychology and mental health category. It urges people to upgrade their brains, to learn things quickly, and then unlocking the exceptional life. The book is written by Jim Kwik. He is a brain coach and a motivational speaker who comes with different types of ideas and suggestions to inspire people towards learning. The author, Jim Kwik himself has narrated this chapter. His vocal performance received mixed reviews. However, you will not be having any major issues with the narration part.

Jim Kwik here has written a comprehensive manual about the fitness of the brain and mental expansion. It is a book that will give all its followers the ability to accomplish a lot more in their life. It could be about more transformation, more productivity, and a lot more personal success along with success with business or job. It could all come with a change in the Mindset, Methods used, and most importantly, the Motivation.


The 3-Ms mentioned above would help in unlocking all of the superpowers that are already instilled in your brains. They are the ones which could change your habits.

Jim Kwik for the last 25 years has worked closely with multiple successful people that includes both men and women. All those are right at the top of their respective fields that includes athletes, actors, business leaders, and CEOs from all walks of life. These men and women gained great success in their lives by unlocking their potential.

In this groundbreaking book, Limitless, the author, Jim Kwik tells about the real science-based practices along with the tips to accelerate in life. He promotes communication, self-learning, focus, memory, and speed reading for creating fast and accurate results.

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