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Lover at Last audiobook – Audience Reviews


Hi there, are you looking for Lover at Last audiobook free? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it, thanks.


Review #1

Lover at Last full audiobook free


Let me start by saving that I LOVE this series and I was so excited to read about Blay and Qhuinn because I love the idea of having a same gender loving couple in the series. But for some reason it was REALLY hard for me to get into this book, in fact, it took me 2 years to finish it. I would start it and then go read something else, start it again and again. The book really is vintage BDD – several plots going on at the same time, revisiting characters and plots from other books. I guess in this book, I wish more of the focus had been on Blay and Qhuinn and less on the other subplots, some of which I really didn’t get. The whole Shadows subplot (and I really like them) I didn’t see the relevance of, nor the subplot with Assail and Sola. I know that the author likes to set up stuff for future books but it felt like there were four different, completely disconnected stories going on: Blay and Qhuinn, Layla and XCOR (who really need their own book), the Shadows, and Assail and Sola. The Lessings barely make an appearance in this book – are they still the evil enemy or has the glymera replaced them as the bad guys?
The one saving grace for me in this book is when Blay and Qhuinn FINALLY get to their HEA – it is really so sweet, it will bring tears to your eyes. But the amount of time it took them to get to it was very frustrating; there were so many missed opportunities I almost wished they both would just move on! I am still a fan and plan to go on the read the next book in the series, but I hope it focuses more on the couple and less on the various subplots or if they have subplots, please connect them


Review #2

Lover at Last audiobook in series The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series


Lover at Last, the 11th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is the much awaited story of Qhuinn, son of Lohstrong and Blaylock, son of Rocke. It is an apt title for the book, considering the fact that readers have been waiting for their story for a long time. But I understand the need for the time that Ward took when it came to these two characters. They needed it. Especially Qhuinn, who needed to come to terms with, and accept who he was before he could give himself over to the love of his life.

Qhuinn and Blaylocks story has been a continuing thread throughout the series, though I cannot remember quite from which installment onwards. Qhuinn with his mismatched eyes had been the ban of his glymera (vampire aristocrat) familys existence. Discarded and disowned, there is a wealth of pain and rejection in Qhuinns heart that needs to be worked through for him to feel whole. The only solace in his life had come in the form of Blaylock, his best friend, whose family had also welcomed him with open arms.

Those who have been faithfully following the series without skipping any books in between would know that Blaylock had accepted his love for Qhuinn a long time ago. Having never voiced that out, and with the continued efforts by Qhuinn to show Blaylock that they would never be together (by Qhuinns sexual conquests and rejection of Blaylock), Blaylock does the one thing any healthy individual should rightfully do under the circumstances; he cut his losses and moved on. That had been the turning point for Qhuinn in his attempt to clean up his act, reasons which he was quite not ready to give voice to.

Now with Layla the Chosen pregnant with his young, Qhuinn should be happy by all means. His need to belong to a family that would accept him, a family that he could call his own had been a pivotal reason behind Qhuinn agreeing to become a father. But, the way he yearns for Blaylock is a need that refuses to be denied; if anything his feelings surge to the surface with a ferocity and volatility that stuns him at times, making a fool of himself in the process.

Believing that he is actually helping Blaylock get back at his lover, Qhuinn offers his body to Blaylock, to use as he wishes to. This sets these two characters on a journey of sensual discovery of the kind that they had both never had before. Love of course, plays its role, an emotion neither of them confesses to the other. Even with Qhuinn working through his issues one at a time, it takes more than that to push through the final hurdle to get to the other side; the side of acceptance and loving wholeheartedly without reservations.

Lover at Last has multiple secondary stories running through it; they of course do not reach their ultimate conclusion. Ward is a superb storyteller because she has the ability to juggle these storylines well, most often without encroaching on the territory of the main story that is happening. It is in Lover at Last that she lays the foundation for the story of the Shadows, Trez and iAm from the sHisbe territory. She also brings to an enticing crossroads, the story of Xcor and Layla, Xcor being my second favorite hero in the series, coming a very close second to Zsadist.

It is also in Lover at Last that Ward shows readers tantalizing glimpses of the connection between Assail, an aristocrat vampire who is involved in the drug trade and how he comes across Sola, the human female who would finally bring him to his knees. Plus, there are many changes that are taking place in the world of the vampires itself, laws undergoing changes, the old ways being replaced by the new, with Wrath testing the boundaries of how far he can take reforms without upending the whole table.

Lover at Last was a splendid addition to the series, and I, who usually do not indulge in gay romances found myself totally enamored by how Ward brought the sex scenes between Blaylock and Qhuinn alive with such fervor. Hot enough to singe your fingers, Blaylock is a force to be reckoned with once that staid and laid back nature of his takes a backseat, something that delights and turns on Qhuinn to levels he never thought was possible for someone like him.

The ending was beautiful, Qhuinn finally finding the acceptance that had been missing from his life all along, finding his home exactly where it had always been, ready to welcome him with open arms, something he had refused to see, all because there was just too much wayward emotions he didnt do well with.

Definitely recommended!

Final Verdict: Lover at Last is scrumptious; there are no two ways about it. Qhuinn and Blaylock sets the pages afire, bringing forth a ton of emotions and wrangles every bit of it from the reader that made this a stupendous read!

Rating = 4.5/5

Reviewed by: MBR


Review #3

Lover at Last audiobook by J. R. Ward


Three stars and I am being generous. Can we stop introducing new people? This was supposed to be Blay and Qhuinn’s book, but it felt like they were secondary characters. While I enjoy diversity in books, I am not invested in sexual relations between two people of the same sex. I am going to assume it’s because I am more a visual reader, and when you can’t put yourself in the situation, it makes it harder to connect. I found myself eye rolling a lot through the story. There where just too many cast of characters in this book. Layla and the pregnancy seems unnecessary, at least in regards to Blay and Qhuinn

I felt like there was drama for just dramas sake between the two. I am officially taking a break from the books, as I am starting to dislike them, and they started off with so much promise.


Review #4

Lover at Last audio narrated by Jim Frangione



I actually really love The Black Dagger Brotherhood books, they are indeed a fun, guilty pleasure. I have been really looking forward to Qhuinn & Blay’s story – in fact hoping the last few books were going to be their story – here it is at last & is it everything we were expecting? Not at all.

This is in no way a terrible book, the Qhuinn & Blay story is interesting & does still work, but were their major plot holes? Yes.

There were two main problems with this book:

1) Where was John for a majority of the book? Since Qhuinn & Blay were such big parts of John’s life/story it made no sense whatsoever that he was barely mentioned in his best friends story. He did not even get as much as a mention as other members of BDB. It especially annoyed me at times when Qhuinn was thinking such thoughts that he had no one to talk to as Blay was not speaking to him. It was as if the friendship between the trio never existed. It was completely ignored, which was strange as having a confidant for either/or Blay/Qhuinn would have made perfect sense & been an ideal plot device.

2) All the other storylines. I will be honest, I do need to re-read this book (which I will do shortly) as had no interest in any of the other storylines except what was happening with Qhuinn/Blay/Layla. We have waited for so long for this story, to have it put into a small part of the book while the rest of the book is dedicated to other storylines was such a shame. I started to read them, then realised that I was not very interested in these other wandering threads, that I skipped them. I will read them but we have waited long enough for this pairing, was not reading chapters & chapters of new people/issues. I was dismayed when I got to the end & realised how little Qhuinn/Blay/Layla were in this book & how rushed the ending was. Could have spent so much more time exploring all the drama/issues that has been hinted at for so long!

There were other plot holes that made no sense to me such as Qhuinn leaving John to save Zsadist when he has never been allowed to leave his side before (it was suddenly forgotten).

However, there were a lot I did like – Qhuinn’s induction into the BDB, which although does appear strange that he was inducted before John, was quite a nice touch that he belongs.

I also found the whole exchange between Blay & his parents amazing & great writing. Really moving. Also interactions with Layla & Blay were lovely.

Did think Blay’s character changed drastically in this book compared to how kind he has always been, but somehow it worked well & his interactions with Layla showed this off very well.

Overall I did like this book (as Blay & Qhuinn have been 2 of my favourite characters for so long, behind Zsadist of course!) & will always re-read it as part of the series, however it is a shame that it could have been so much more/so fantastic if past friendships had been remembered properly & others storylines missed out to focus on the main story. The Layla/Saxton/Qhuinn/Blay square would have been enough to have carried a book alone, we could have had snippets of other members of the BDB & everything else should have been left for a later book. This really did not need to be squashed into such a small section of the book & it would have been so much better had we got the entire book dedicated to them, which we had been anticipating for so long!


Review #5

free audio Lover at Last – in the audio player below


I have been a fan of the BDB series but for some reason I could not get into this book. Maybe because the previous books were such a let down. Here we are told the story of Qhuinn and Blay their story has been mentioned in the earlier books so it was good that they had their own story.

I loved the way JR tells her stories in the early books but this one did not do it for me. The back and forth between the main characters made me feel as if I was reading a book based on teenage girls in high school. When they finally got together I was like at last! I even checked to see if I was near the end I was!

I have not read a book with male love scenes before and I did not know what to expect but after reading this I am sure that this will be my last,

The book was filled with sub plots. some of them I think were not necessary Assil and Sola? The Lessers made an appearance but I think that they were there to fill up the pages. The story between Xcor and Layla was sweet; the Shadows why? The plot to overthrow Wrath it goes on and on.

I hope the next book is the last one because it seems to me that she has run out of steam.


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