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Murderers’ Row audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Murderers’ Row audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Murderers’ Row audiobook free

I didn’t notice any OCR like the last book, so that was a big plus. I hope all the rest of the Helm fans are buying these, too. Not only are your old paperbacks wearing out, but by keeping this run going, we’re closing in on FINALLY getting to read the last, previously unpublished book.

I remembered the story very well, of course. I’ve probably read it a dozen times. Still an excellent one.

One of the coolest things about Hamilton’s writing is that he doesn’t mind making his tough operative human & occasionally foolish. Helm is both in this, although he manages the assignment pretty well. I especially liked the last chapter or two. The fight scenes are so very realistic & yet understated.

Review #2

Murderers’ Row audiobook in series Matt Helm

Like all the Matt Helm books, this is wonderfully written: tight and crisp in a way that the Americans have always done well. The stories are absurd, but you know that going in, and they rattle along. There’s also a dry sense of humour that leavens the drama. They are quite brutal, especially for their time. Having said thaht, they have dated. We’ve grown coarser in many ways since WWII, but we’re probably more sensitive about death and the treatment of women, and every now and then you strike something that is a little shocking to our modern ears. Whether you find that unacceptable or not is up to you. Very similar to the Bond books, of course; though without the dandy-ish elements, or gadgets, and not quite as elegantly put together.

Since the book takes place in the early 50s, it is a bit dated by our standards. lots of 50s style dialog which is corny sounding today. However, none of that detracts from a good story that is well written. The main character talks about himself a great deal in the style of an old TV detective movie. I doubt a younger person would enjoy the book, but I did. This was my first Matt Helm book and I’ll try another. Book is not long so is a quick read and the author ends most chapters so you want to see what the next chapter brings.

Review #3

Audiobook Murderers’ Row by Donald Hamilton

Started reading Matt Helm books when they were new. After such a long time, some series feel dated; others don’t. To my mind, the Matt Helm series falls into the latter category. The level of detail is such that the reader is drawn into the period, and the absence of cell phones, computers, and the like seems natural. At the same time, there are not the lengthy descriptions of things then new but now commonplace which make a book so clearly “from a period” rather than “about a period.” If Donald Hamilton’s writing lacks the intricacy of Vince Flynn’s, it also lacks the nonsense of Ian Fleming’s. The novels are straightforward and pretty much as credible as any spy-adventure stories. For me, Hamilton belongs in the same category as John D. MacDonald.

If you want to read the Matt Helm series, please start with “Death of a Citizen.” It lays the foundation for the rest of the books and is a fair sample of all. If you don’t care for that one, you’re not likely to enjoy any of them. “Matt Helm, the War Years” is a quasi-prequel, probably of interest only to old-time devotees. As one of those myself, I’m very pleased to have the series back in print, and even digital form. Now if were to commission a good reader…

Review #4

Audio Murderers’ Row narrated by Stefan Rudnicki

This is a typical no frills Matt Helm novel. This time though nothing seems to be going his way. So, he just goes about proving the old saying; if you can’t be good, be lucky. Matt Helm is the U.S. of A. version of that English bloke with the license to kill. Enjoy!

Matt Helm is great! This is not the comedy spy of the Matt Helm films but rather a tough American agent that does the job that is needed. This one starts with him being assigned to make a fellow agent’s possible defection look believable by hurting her deliberately. While this is not portrayed in a graphic, gruesome manner, Hamilton pulls no punches (pun intended) in his writing.

Review #5

Free audio Murderers’ Row – in the audio player below

If you love the Matt Helm movies, well, you are going to find a very, very different hard-boiled agent in these books. Always great for a trip down memory lane. Matt Helm is the kind of secret agent who can’t resist a woman and always wins in the end by either using the woman or is just plain lucky. He seems to come close to getting killed in every book. I like him a lot better than James Bond – he seems more human

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