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Oathbringer is a wonderful combination of the stormlight archive. It was written by Brandon Sanderson. The humanity which faces a brand new grimness with the return of the Voidbringers, an enemy with numbers as great as their thirst for revenge. A god and goddesses with their great power.

The story is too long to tell how it goes. But I’m going to introduce the main characters. Dalinar Kholin – a foresight standing beside the memory of deadgod. The King is his brother who was murdered in cold blood. Dalinar struggled in the story, a past that is pretty dark for him to remember but he still tries his best to recall it. The story of his family has made an impact in this book. He is also a Highprince of Alethkar.

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Kaladin – He had played a great role in his life. He became an apprentice surgeon, a soldier, a slaver and even a head guard has also been a great leader. He is someone who had a hard time in finding self-worth. Taking chances in life was never easy for him because he is always worried about having regrets in the past. In the end, little by little he courageously tried taking chances. Shallan – An inspiring woman and a daughter of the fallen BrightLord. Her character is an abuse survivor who persistently grows more and more through her powers and as an artist. 

They are the main characters in Oathbringer but there are more amazing roles that you will discover. Oathbringer centers on what will take place when you understand that you have been the one abusing on lands that you thought were your own.

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