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Play with Fire audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Play with Fire audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Play with Fire audiobook free

I started reading the Kate Shugak novels a couple years ago, and I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve read. I mostly enjoyed this one as well – it has some interesting twists and works fairly well overall.

It is, however, unfortunate that Stabenow offers criticism of Christianity (or any religion, really) through Chopper Jim in a way that portrays believers as simply giving up any critical thought because it is somehow easier to do so – and while these statements are given by one character in the novel, there is nothing to suggest that Stabenow sees things any differently. I say this is unfortunate because Stabenow offers one of the most thoughtless and stereotyped portrayals of Christians that you’ll ever see, and without any suggestion that not all believers think the same as the preacher and followers in this novel. Some Christians do hold extremely aggressive views, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some extremely extreme groups have moved to Alaska thinking that it would be a clean escape from the world. But those groups are just that: extreme and, as such, also atypical.

Nothing in the book indicates that Stabenow is aware that some Christians are thoughtful; some are conservative but also some are progressive; some curse the devil but others see human weakness as a more dangerous situation; and some even teach evolution at Christian colleges that are fully accredited. So Stabenow’s criticism of Christians as thoughtless and afraid of confronting the world do not sit well when she is thoughtlessly presenting such stereotyped, shallow portrayals and criticism of religion and religious belief.

Review #2

Play with Fire audiobook in series Kate Shugak Series

I have been reading my way through the Kate Shugak books and enjoyed the first four very much. The portrayal of the Alaskan bush was really enjoyable for me, having never been to Alaska before, and the characters were unique and interesting. However, if I had read the other reviews for this 5th book, I probably would have skipped it. Unfortunately, Book 5 reads as much less a mystery novel, than an angry rant against any sort of organized religion.

There is no mystery in this book, as the author is so blatantly intent on blaming the murder on ignorant zealot Christians, that the corpse might as well have been wearing a sign stating who murdered him. Every “moral issue” du jour is mentioned here, from abortion to homosexuality and beyond, and of course every Christian is portrayed as a hypocritical, imbecilic Bible-thumper with little manners and less intelligence. Also of course, every “sympathetic” character has had some sort of horrible, soul-flaying experience with said hypocritical Christians, which makes it convenient (read: LAZY WRITING) for them to get together and bash religion for paragraphs on end. This ranting means the novel moves at the pace of the oft-mentioned Alaskan glaciers, and has about as much “mystery” as a Scooby Doo episode.

I mean, really… if I wanted to read a thinly disguised diatribe against Christianity, chock full of stereotypes and copy/paste characters who exist merely to fulfill those stereotypes… I’d read The Handmaid’s Tale again. Woof.

Review #3

Audiobook Play with Fire by Dana Stabenow

I am new to these books and have loved the first 4 Kate Shugak books. I was so excited to have 18 more to read and then about halfway through this one, started worrying that I might not be able to bring myself to read more.

I can’t give examples about why this felt like a anti Christian book because I don’t want to give spoilers but I was kind of shocked by the end. It’s one thing for one character, two, or maybe even three to hate Christianity and /or any religion, but for every single major character in her life throughout the entire book to continue making comments about how horrible all Christians are, it becomes clear that it’s no longer a part of the story line and seems to be the author’s very strong opinion.

My husband suggested maybe she was going through a difficult time in her life when she wrote this and to give her another try on book 6. Here’s hoping that this is not going to be a pattern.

Review #4

Audio Play with Fire narrated by Marguerite Gavin

murderer. Who insured a religious hysteria and caused what used to be normal people to commit a horrible crime. There was NO JUSTICE. Kate and her friends were even assaulted and SHE got no justice. It’s very unlike how she usually handles cases. I really wanted resolution because of all the innocent children involved, and a there was none. I will, or course, continue on with the series, I’ve loved how beautifully bleak the series is, but this book was disappointing. I wanted my happy ending.

Review #5

Free audio Play with Fire – in the audio player below

As people age, they generally grow in complexity and thought. Such is the case with Kate Shugak.
These characters are fallible, flexible, and still, learning. They are a product of their lives, and with each book we learn more about those lives. The books build on each other, and reference events in previous books, so it is probably best to take them in order. Situations from previous books complicated (or simplify) the current book, and move things on to the next.
The author has a deep love of the land and it shows. There is knowledge of the landscape, the plants and then animals that eat them, and the communities – human and non -human that live in it. And – the interactions of all of that.

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