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Slayground audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Slayground audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Slayground audiobook free

I probably liked/disliked this book for completely polar opposite reasons than most reviewers. I thought the claustrophobic feel of Parker being trapped in a “fun” amusement park and the entire setting of this to be a major plus of the book. I mean, here is Parker with nowhere to go, nowhere to run. Outmanned, with only one means of escape. He’s in quite a jam. This really heightens the tension really from the opening moments. Where this book excels is giving you a clear picture of Parker and his overwhelming situation. And the atmosphere of the bizarre scenery and rides and, well, “fun house” make for an interesting touch to the plot, as Parker desperately hopes to escape and keep his loot, the big prize.

There are some really tough hoods out to get Parker, and one really, really tough leader of the gang (who more than one time will let you know he is tough. Really, really tough). Not to mention, there are two crooked cops in on the mix with the hoods after Parker as well. But, the hoods are quite bumbling and things seems pretty convenient for Parker sometimes. Some of the dialogue between the hoods is a bit cringe worthy, and Parker, being outmanned, has a bit of a Rambo-esque escape instinct that seem slightly over-the-top. Definitely a fun ride, Slayground is as mere entertainment, but not sure if I’ll continue on.

Review #2

Slayground audiobook in series Parker

I enjoyed Slayground. It’s the 14th in the series. As in all Parker novels, crime is a business. Not good. Not bad. Parker’s objective is always someone else’s money…usually enough to live on for a year or so. There are no moral judgments. Parker is just as bad as he seems. He possesses a professional code of honor: loyalty and respect for fellow professional thieves with whom he has worked in the past. He is deeply suspicious of new amateurish thieves. He’s violent without hesitation but only if he needs to be. He misses nothing. And no Parker novel would be complete without the double-cross.

Parker is impatient with small-talk. He talks only if it serves a purpose. Odd to think that the untalkative Parker reserves for himself the most difficult task of handling people–both fellow thieves as well as the victims.

Review #3

Audiobook Slayground by Richard Stark

A reckless getaway driver on icy roads sours the escape from an armored car heist. Parker is the only one of the three to extricate himself from the overturned getaway car before the police arrive. His only option is to hide in a closed-for-winter amusement park. As he scales the fence, he is seen by two policemen, who he realizes are on the take with several mobsters. The cops purposely file a false report claiming he has driven away, so that they can come back when they are off duty and wrest the loot from Parker. The delay gives Parker seven hours to figure out how to escape from this multi-acre box with only one exit. In true McGyver fashion, he booby traps the park attractions and narrowly escapes a dozen mobsters and the two cops. An intricate plot in an ingenious setting makes this one of the series’ best.

A real classic of this type. I found this author after watching the film Parker and decided to try the books in the series. I am so pleased I did. It had me turning the pages as he fought and plotted his way out of the different situations he found himself in. Well worth a read.

Review #4

Audio Slayground narrated by John Chancer

I love the Darwyn Cooke comic book adaptations of the Parker novels but have never read one in the original prose-only format. Slayground jumped out at me as the place to start partly because that’s the next one Cooke’s adapting and I want to see the difference between the original and the adaptation, but also because of the delicious setup.

Parker is a master thief who, alongside two accomplices, one of them his longtime partner Grofield, knocks over an armored car and makes off with $73k. But things go pear-shaped as the unreliable driver crashes the getaway car. Parker is the only one conscious in the wreck so he grabs the loot and runs for cover – in a nearby amusement park! Except some gangsters and crooked cops are nearby doing a deal and see the suspicious figure of Parker toss a satchel over the fence and jump in after it just as dispatch alerts the cops to a recent and nearby robbery. Trapped inside the amusement park (which is shut for the winter), Parker must lay out traps in order to survive from the cops and gangsters preparing to storm the park, kill him, and take his money. Game on!

Review #5

Free audio Slayground – in the audio player below

There’s only ever been 3 books that I’ve read in say two sittings, one of these was The Friends Of Eddie Coyle. The Drop & No Country For Old Men. Now I have a 4th to add to this list. Richard Stark is a genre all of his own. This is fast paced hard-boiled crime fiction at its best. To often authors promise, but when you get down to it there’s like a paragraph of the real stuff and the rest is boring page filling stuff. Think about this? With all the crime authors out there why only one ”Richard Stark” who delivers a heist man as hard as nails? book after book. So these days I stay clear of the middle class of the road type of crime fiction. Stark every time. 5/5

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