Smooth Moves (Veteran Movers #2)

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Smooth Moves (Veteran Movers #2) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Smooth Moves (Veteran Movers #2) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Smooth Moves (Veteran Movers #2) audiobook free

I didn’t like much about this book. I’m not certain, but I think Max and Monroe used a ghost writer on this one. I gave it 2 stars because the writing was ok and flowed well. However that was all I can say about it. Too many unnecessary repetitions of info and so much truly unnecessary dialogue. The h was the most ridiculous character I’ve ever read. And the H is in NO danger of replacing Kline Brooks. After the billionaire boys series, this disappoints. I couldn’t finish it. It was boring.


Review #2

Smooth Moves (Veteran Movers #2) audiobook streamming online

Max Monroe does it again!!! I absolutely loved Winning Hollywood’s Goodest Girl!! In the staring roles we have one of Hollywood’s leading lady, and sexy virgin, Raquel and Harrison, the hot AF CFO of HawCom. Their story started 25 years ago when they were but youngins. They haven’t seen each other since they were 5 and 9 but fate seemed to put them together again, boy do they reconnect!! Surprise….it really does only take one time to make a baby!! Harrison is beyond swoony and wants to wants to be there for Raquel every step the way. To say she has abandonment issues is putting it mildly. If you read Taming Hollywood’s Baddest Boy, you know Luca is her brother who she hasn’t heard from in 8 years, and that’s after their parents abandoned both of them. Does Harrison let her walls stand? Not a chance! Best HEA!! I’d be remiss if I don’t mention the supporting cast. You know that group of billionaire’s. I swear I had tears running down my cheeks, I was laughing so freaking hard.


Review #3

Audiobook Smooth Moves (Veteran Movers #2) by Marie Harte

That was unexpected in the best possible way, but totally expected at the same time. After reading about Harrison, who Cap always referred to as “Whore-i-son” and seeing how snarky and cavalier he was towards love in prior novels, I just assumed he’d be another snarky jerk that Max Monroe would somehow redeem in our eyes. But honestly, Harrison is ADORABLE, likeable and totally loveable, and Cap had him pegged all wrong! It’s a standalone romance, but it does bridge the gap between the Billionaire series and the Hollywood Series since we have the sister of the main character from one, and the friend of the characters from the other. Raquel and Harrison were childhood friends that lost touch, but when they run into each other years later, fate takes over! Raquel, one of Hollywood’s biggest starlets, is a 30-year-old virgin. After a rainy run-in with Harrison, a billionaire sweetheart in NY city, the two have a steam one-night stand, and pretty soon Raquel’s baby bump can’t be ignored. And Harrison doesn’t wait to ignore it! He wants the love, the mess and the joy of their relationship. What an absolute treat this book is. I’m telling you, I’m really mad at Cap for leading us down the wrong path and making us think that Harrison is anything other that the swoony sweetheart that he is.


Review #4

Audio Smooth Moves (Veteran Movers #2) narrated by Emily Beresford

Kline and Wes are no longer tied as my favorite Max Monroe leading men. Harrison Hughes just conquered all competition. He is a hard-working and successful CFO, and a truly decent human being. Raquel has been a Hollywood star since childhood. For various reasons she has no family around her and is handled like a commodity by her management team. You don’t need me to tell you more about this story, because you really need to read this book! This book was a real pleasure from start to finish. The authors somehow blended several different tropes, along with a variety of new and familiar characters, stirred in a couple of villains, and created a delicious story. There were lots of smiles, some laugh out loud moments, angst, tears, revenge and inspiration. As Harrison says, “Life’s a mess but there’s art in all the splatters.” Words of wisdom from a wonderful book boyfriend.


Review #5

Free audio Smooth Moves (Veteran Movers #2) – in the audio player below

I love this series. These group of guys and their wives are so real, that I swear if I was in New York, I could actually bump into them. Harrison Hughes, has just buried his father and when he happens to stop into a bar, he finds Roquel Weaver, aka Rocky, a childhood friend there. They have a great time reminiscing and catching up after they both had a stressful day. They haven’t seen each other since he was ten and his parents moved him from California to New York. Raquel, is a Hollywood child star who has grown up in the lime light. She is known for her virginity and she’s tired of it. Harrison, doesn’t follow Hollywood stars and has no idea how famous she is. When she decides to hookup with Harrison for one night, little did she know she would become pregnant with his child. This is a great story of how when you weren’t looking, you find the love of your life.


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