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Whenever a race falls in front of a cruel lord prophesies appear on the scene as the last hope for all. After these prophecies, people stop trying and just wait for the hero to emerge as a savior. Book one of the “Mistborn” by Brandon Sanderson also comes up with such kind of a story in which the empire is ruled by a cruel Lord Ruler.

It has been a thousand years since his rule on the land started and after that, no one has stood against him to contest his powers. Powers of the Lord Ruler are unmatchable and no one can survive its might. However, after a thousand years prophecy does come true when in the dungeons a criminal comes to know about his powers.

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When the powers are revealed to Kelsier he suddenly becomes a changed person. He does not think like a criminal anymore rather he stands tall among the fellow slaves as a leader who is there to guide them t their freedom. Each member of the gang is carefully selected because there are threats of treachery at every step. Michael Kramer uses an intensely serious voice at this level in narration. When the whole team is selected Kel still thinks that they are not enough and if they fail prophesy will die with them.

Then Vin joins their team out of nowhere and enhances the heat which makes the story exactly like The Way of Kings and Rhythm of War. But making Vin trust the team proves to be an uphill task for Kel, the girl has faced deception many times in her life that’s why she trusts no one. Kel gets to her mind slowly and makes her believe that she is on the right side this time.

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