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The Morning Star audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Morning Star audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

The Morning Star audiobook free

Following our lowly imp on her journey from cockroach to queen of the damned and ruler of archangel’s heart has been one Hel of a ride. While this series brings closure it also leaves open tantalizing avenues to explore in future spinoff series.

We finally get to meet the fifth and final brother who’s been on our minds since the beginning, and he is well worth the wait. I’m glad to say I figured out who he really was long before he revealed himself. (Score;-)) Now, let’s petition for a Samael novel, or better yet; series. (Hey, the other brothers all got their own books!)

The focus is primarily on the conflict between Angels of Order and the demons. Sam’s relationship with her extended family of werewolves and humans (with the exception of Nyalla and the adorable little Lux) take backstage in the final Sam novel.) I’m happy with the ending but am looking forward to more Imp world stories told from other point of views (and the occasional Sam novella.)

Thank you Debra, for creating this extremely entertaining series. And than god, aaru and Hel for the afterword where you promise us future books set in the same world. (We will hold you to that promise.)

Review #2

The Morning Star audiobook in series Imp Series

This is a very hard review to write… very hard, and primarily because this is the last of this series. Thank goodness it isn’t totally the last of the characters in it, I look forward to any time they pop up. Book 1 in this series was my first book by the author and I have been hooked ever since.

First, let me tell you what this book is not:
It is not a light, quick read. At least it was not quick for me, mainly because it is an involved plot/story with logs of interactions going on.
It is not a humorous story though it does have it’s funny scenes.

Now for what it is:
It is an in-depth, detail, well presented story that wraps up an incredible series, and it’s told by an excellent story teller.
It is the perfect ending to a long, wonderful story.

Review #3

Audiobook The Morning Star by Debra Dunbar

The Iblis, Satan, a demon, also known as the human Samantha Martin was supposedly in charge of all the demons in Hel. Sam had the sword of the Iblis and yet no one believed an Imp could be the leader of Hel. No respect or trust was ever shown toward her, not from angels, demons, werewolves, sorcerers and even humans.
She was in love with the archangel Michael and he with her. She lived in America, but had a few homes in Hel.
This story was about “Cockroach”, as the loving Angel Michael affectionately called Sam and a war, between someone saying they were the banished archangel Samael. A war was started, as this so called angel gathered thousands of demons to cross into the human world from Hel, with the sole purpose of killing any angel or human being living on Earth. The total eradication of humans, angels and laying waste to all of Earth was their goal.
It was up to Sam, the true archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, other angels faithful to the cause, werewolves and Sam’s demons to fight and try to save the human world.
At every turn, it seemed evil would prevail. Thousand of good demons and angels were dead, with those left, with their backs to the wall, facing death.
Sam was forced to make a life threatening decision to fight to the death, if there was any hope for Earth and all her inhabitants.
This was the best book of the series, for me. I loved every single story. I feel an immediate loss, now that Sam’s story is at an end. She was a crazy, foul mouthed, loyal, loving, protective, demanding justice Imp and an Angel of Chaos! I do hope we meet Samantha Martin again, as the author Debra Dunbar hints we might.

Review #4

Audio The Morning Star narrated by Angela Rysk

So, it’s book ten–I obviously like the series, so I’m just going to jump to my disappointment at how this book ends.. If I didn’t already know there’s a book 11 coming out, this would have been a three-star read. We never see Sam take over Hel, don’t get to celebrate her victory, and what the hell happened to Wyatt? Is the breakdown of his relationship in the other series this author writes? Because one minute Sam is upset at having no time with Wyatt and his growing unease with her demonic nature (perfectly natural and good reason for ending things), then, suddenly Sam is having angel-sex with Gregory, without even thinking about Wyatt or his reaction to it. In fact, we get a nothing but ‘I hadn’t talked to Wyatt in three weeks and it was awkward.’ Listen, I’m all in on Team Gregory, but Wyatt deserves better than to just be dropped from this series.

Review #5

Free audio The Morning Star – in the audio player below

I’m so happy and so sad this series has come to an end, I remember years ago first discovering this series possibly by random or maybe my not so angelic search history … Who knows 😇😂
Anyways this series has been such a pleasure to read and even more than I can put into words, hey I’m not a writer lol but I can sure read, and I know my books, this is one of those series I won’t forget reading, ever.
They’re just so quirky and unique and all around hilarious, love love love Sam, i mean I love tbh all the characters and that’s not often you find that in books, especially with such a kickass heroine who is so honest and true to herself. Another thing amongst a million other things from this amazingly wonderful book/series, is that there’s such a realness to this, and not in the a supernatural/paranormal (or however you want to phrase) it elements, that’s how you know you’ve found a real gem when reading so many books.

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