The Song of Achilles

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The Song of Achilles Audiobook

The Song of Achilles is a fiction novel. It is written by Madeline Miller. She is an American novelist and also worked as a Greek and Latin teacher. She spent a whole one decade writing the subject book. The Song of Achilles. Circe is another genre fiction novel by the author that did quite well for Madeline and her fans.

The narration of this chapter is done by Frazer Douglas. It was a top-class narration by Frazer. He will have all your attention right from the opening sentence of this novel and wouldn’t let you go till the last. You will be mesmerized for sure with such a quality performance by the narrator.

The Song of Achilles

Patroclus was a very awkward young prince in Greece, which was considered then as the age of heroes. He was exiled to the Phthia kingdom where he was then raised under the shadow of King Peleus. He was also under Achilles, who was the golden son of the King.

He was beautiful, strong, and also the child of the goddess. Achilles was almost everything that Patroclus was not. Despite all the differences between the two, they managed to become strong companions of each other. Their bond strengthened further with age and they became highly skilled in the field of medicine and war.

Free AudioBook The Song of Achilles

The story of this novel is extremely good and it will engage you from the beginning. A lot of people gave credit to Frazer Douglas who narrated its pitch perfectly. The author did well to stick with the basics of the story of the Iliad. Moreover, she was also good and creative to add a few more details of her own to make things even more interesting.

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