The Wizard’s Dilemma

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The Wizard’s Dilemma Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Wizard’s Dilemma audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

The Wizard’s Dilemma audiobook free

Diane Duane has long been one of my favorite authors, not only for her writings in the Star Trek universe, but mainly for the Young Wizard books. Written for teens, these books have meat enough to satisfy the appetites of readers of all ages. (I am in my 50’s and still love them!) They always have an interesting plot and are written to pull you along through the story to the end, and will leave you satisfied but wanting more! You will not be disappointed!

Review #2

The Wizard’s Dilemma Dilemma audiobook series Young Wizards

What sticks with me from this book is the central conflict. Young wizard Nita Callahan is, as always, growing up. When a minor argument shakes her and her wizard friend Kit’s confidence in their long-standing partnership, she finds herself adrift handling her greatest crisis so far–her mother’s brain cancer. Especially this time, wizardry doesn’t have all the answers and the only way to save her mother’s life may play right into her worst enemy’s hands.
In all of these books, this was the only one where I really feared for Nita as a person. Death, danger, the Lone Power she faces down with aplomb. Losing her wizardry…that’s more than half a person. That’s scary. Though the development of the conflict is mildly cliché (of course, help would come in time!), you won’t come away from a good reading without tackling some hard issues. Nita certainly wouldn’t be the only one with some very hard questions about the Wizard’s Oath, the competing interests of different lives and forms of life, and how far you can go to prevent a tragedy that is personal but nonetheless natural and in some sense inevitable. I can’t blame Nita for being willing to do almost anything to help…though it seems strange that a wizard who’s faced so much already, seen Timeheart multiple times, and been willing to make so many other sacrifices for wizardry is so afraid of loss here. But this is her mother; it’s very personal here. It also leads one to wonder: what about all the wizards out there who don’t have a partner looking after them?
The writing is pretty good, though I was having a somewhat difficult time following some of the wizardry here. A little too much of it without significant developments. I’d also have liked to see more of Kit, but then I always do. I have a difficult time believing 1. that matters between Nita and Kit would blow up over something so little and that 2. Kit wouldn’t have been more proactively involved in things. But then, Nita wasn’t exactly giving him much of a chance to.

Review #3

Audiobook The Wizard’s Dilemma by Diane Duane

Oh. This is my second favorite book of this series so far. My first favorite is the 2nd book, and I haven’t read the upcoming ones yet. Wow. So, Nita faces the ultimate dilemma in the book with her mom’s illness. She and Kit also face challenges in their relationship as friends and wizard partners, and Ponch, (yes, the dog) has some surprises of his own!
But the way the story is laid out…the science behind the wizardry, you could almost think it’s real. I don’t put a lot of story detail in these reviews because I don’t like to give away the plot..but think about it. Who would you give up your life for? Would you even consider it?
So. Yeah. If you like this story arc of books, you HAVE to read this one. It rocks. It sings. It soars then it drops you hard into reality. But you gotta read it. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good rockin’ storyline.

Review #4

Audio The Wizard’s Dilemma narrated by Christina Moore

Diane is very inventive. The books are set in the US with american kids. Each book has a spectacular battle to be waged against evil. There are real tragedies and the normal trials and tribulations that all kids go through. I like the visual descriptions. I like the idea of kids being very independent and yet they are still kids. I think Diane is just a wonderful author.

Review #5

Free audio The Wizard’s Dilemma – in the audio player below

I was so happy Diane Duane wrote another book in her Wizard series. If you haven’t read any of them, start at the beginning with “So You Want to be a Wizard” – they aren’t too serial in nature – you can enjoy this separately, but it’s even better after getting to know the characters over the course of the previous 4 books.
I like these books because they are funny and serious, happy and sad all at the same time – the characters have a whole range of emotions and as a result seem like real people. I highly recommend this book!

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