White Queen

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White Queen Audiobook

White Queen is a genre fiction novel. It is a chapter out of The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels. This book is written by Philippa Gregory. She is a historical English novelist who has been writing great novels since 1987. The Other Boleyn Girl is his best novel till date which was published in 2002. The Romantic Novelist’s Association gave it the Romantic Novel of the Year Award. This same chapter has been adapted into two different movies as well. The Lady of the Rivers is another novel from the author with a god storyline.

The narration of this chapter is done by Susan Lyons. It was a very solid performance delivered where Susan’s voice was quote strong and apt for the character of Elizabeth.

White Queen

There is a brother who turns on brother and that was the time when the England’s throne was at risk. The highly deadly and dangerous Wars of Roses have just started.

They were known to rule England ahead of the Tudors ad now Philippa Gregory, the internationally bestselling author is here. She did a tremendous job in bringing the Plantagenets to life through the intimate and dramatic stories related to the secret players. It was all about the indomitable women. Elizabeth Woodville is regarded as a woman with exceptional ambition and beauty. She married the newly crown king of England secretly.

Free Audiobook White Queen

Philippa Gregory did a lot of research for producing the biography of Elizabeth Woodville, the White Queen. She managed to bring the intellect and artistry of a master storyteller and a writer. This is a superb book and a detailed sharing of an obscure but extremely critical chapter in rich English history.

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