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Who Is Maud Dixon? audiobook

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Review #1

Who Is Maud Dixon? audiobook free

A story that pulls you right in, with memorable characters, fun settings and… humor! Probably the first time the name “Brecht” made me laugh. Totally enjoyable!


Review #2

Who Is Maud Dixon? audiobook streamming online

WoofThis is not a thriller, it’s a slog. When the thriller aspect finally kicks in the novel is almost over. Tedious and exhausting character descriptions (telling, not showing), along with an almost real-time documentation about what it’s like to work as a publishing assistant are what starts this book, and it doesn’t get much better. Tried to keep going but found myself skipping huge chunks without actually missing out any plot (so, you know, not a thriller) and wouldn’t have kept going at all if I didn’t have the obligation to review. Over written AND boring. Not a winning combo. Avoid.


Review #3

Audiobook Who Is Maud Dixon? by Alexandra Andrews

Often overlooked publishing assistant, Florence Darrow, is desperate to achieve fame, wealth, and all the trappings that come with being a successful author. She is offered a rare opportunity to work with a notoriously reclusive and difficult writer. This client, Maud Dixon, is the author of one of the hottest commercial and literary novels, which is on all the bestseller lists. Dixon is presently at work on her second novel. Florence leaps at the chance to get close to a great writer. She knows the proximity can only elevate her status and aid her efforts to be an acclaimed writer.
Even though Florence has had a less than impressive background in the publishing world, she is quick-witted, intelligent, and able to fake it until you make it. She also has a ruthless streak, on full display when she stalked a bosss wife after a one-night stand with him. Then she attempted to blackmail him. This one of the first clues that there is a darker side to Florence.
When Florence accepts the job offer, she learns that Maud Dixon is, in fact, a pseudonym for Helen Wilcox, a peevish woman who is having a difficult time writing her second novel. As Helens assistant, Florence is charged with answering her voluminous e-mail as Maud Dixon. Many times, Florence must interpret Helens scribblings because the writer only writes in long-hand. Florence often inserts her own words rather than bother her angry boss.
Helen asks Florence to come with her to Morocco to help her research the second novels setting. Florence is ecstatic. Her life has come a long way from her upbringing by a single mother in Port Orange, Florida. The villa they rent has expansive views of the ocean. One night when Florence and Helen are at a local restaurant, they have too much to drink. Florence, who also plays chauffeur to Helen, wakes up the next day in a Moroccan hospital. Her car went off the road over a cliff and into the ocean. A fisherman saw the vehicle as it was sinking and reacted quickly, pulling Florence to safety. Helen is nowhere to be found. From this point on, Florence makes a series of decisions, which put her life in peril but offer her the chance to live the life she always dreamed of.
This novel is one of the most thrilling Ive read in ages. The author, Alexandra Andrews, creates a plot that has the reader charging through the pages to find out what comes next. Her character of Florence is reminiscent of Patricia Highsmiths Tom Ripley. Florences increasingly desperate attempts to hold on to a luxurious lifestyle and maintain a fictitious persona kept me riveted. Although most of the plot involves increasing tension, some scenes are laugh-out-loud funny. My favorite is the one where a group of free-spirited ex-patriots in Morocco try to get Florence to play the drinking game of Never Have I Ever. Most thriller readers, fans of Patricia Highsmith, and those who like dark characters will love this book.


Review #4

Audio Who Is Maud Dixon? narrated by Therese Plummer

it gets interesting for several pages. Yes, pages. Then boring again but only for a bit, and then it gets very twisty, very, very twisty. And the problem with twisty is that things start to get more and more improbable. Especially, if you have characters that must come up with a supposedly plausible explanation for everything.

So, at this point in the book, we’re all in Morroco, or someplace in New York state not far from the City, but if that’s the case we’ll be in Morroco soon. And the big question the reader is toying with is which one will go to jail? Or will it be neither, or both? At this point you’re not thinking murder. At this point. And here’s another dilemma for the reader. You probably don’t care, but now you’re a bit curious to see how this is going to end, you’ve invested a fair amount of time even though the story is only 266 pages, and money, and that’s why it’s a “2” and not something lower.

What’s it about? An assistant at a small book publisher, who gets fired, then hired as assistant to an author, in the middle of a new novel. Florence is in her mid 20s, Helen is in her early 30’s. Helen decides she needs to get away to clear her mind, see some new things to help her storyline and whoosh they’re off to Morroco. I’m annoyed at the Washington Post critic for her rather enthusiastic review of this….


Review #5

Free audio Who Is Maud Dixon? – in the audio player below

So, you want to be a writer. Not just any writer but a legend. The kind who makes the best-seller list. What lengths will you go to? Do you recognize that your talent does not lie in your writing ability? Are you conniving, up to compromising your integrity, do you seethe with envy every time a co-worker exceeds well then, youve got what it takes to become the literary lioness you were born to be.

A fast-paced, twisted at every turn psychological thriller, your vision of the literary world will soon be upended. Florence has landed an entry level position at a publishing house, but she has set her sights on something far beyond administrative work and catty office chit chat. Shell show her boss and her bosss boss that shell do whatever it takes, and were not talking about fetching coffee, to reach the pinnacle of the book world. After all, she didnt come to Manhattan from Gainesville for the sunshine. She might not have an ivy league diploma or the sophistication she desires but her street savvy could come in handy.

Florences naughtiness gets her fired, but she quickly dusts herself off and lands back on her feet with a new gig. Oh, the places she will go when she accepts a job as an assistant to best-selling novelist Maud Dixon, whose name is a pseudonym. Florence is going to get schooled in what it takes to become a real writer.

Set aside some time as you will become immersed in this suspenseful read. WHO IS MAUD DIXON is lively, wicked, and has more than a few laugh out loud moments.


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    1 thought on “Who Is Maud Dixon?”

    1. So much hype for yet another so so book. I would not call this a thriller. I think is should have been considered a mystery. I was bored for three quarters of the book. The end is the pay off for hanging in there. I’m glad I listened to it as the narrator was excellent. I can honestly say had I actually tried reading the hard copy of this book, I don’t think I would have finished it. I should mention many books that the general populous consider fascinating and five star worthy are not usually my cup of tea. I like a book that has characters I can learn something important from. I like beautiful prose or a writer who can say everything beautifully in just a few words. I found this book mostly set up for the last chapters which were interesting but predictable. I like to have at least one character even if flawed (as we all are) redeemable and likable. I didn’t care about a single character in this book. I have read books with much darker characters that I could still care about. Obviously I was disappointed especially due to all the hype when this book came out. This is just my humble opinion and I am sure many people loved this book. All art is subjective. Onto the next listen. Thank you Galaxy Audio for sharing this book and your amazing library of audio books. More than a blessing for me.


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