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With This Ring audiobook

Hi, are you looking for With This Ring audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

With This Ring audiobook free

Oh boy am I glad she didn’t stop at book 10!!! Sam and the gang are back with a fresh set of horribly hilarious adventures.

Amber and Irix are getting married and adorably mischievous Lux takes his “Keeper of the Rings” duty seriously. On top of that psychotic elves are trying to take over the world, not so holy angels are sick of the bullshit, walking dead extras are ruining sun bathing, and humans are doing what they do best, making weapons to combat anything different.

You have no idea the excitement I felt when I realized book 10 wasn’t the end. This creative and hilarious world has entertained me for quite some time now and this one definitely lives up to the standards set by its predecessors. It’s nice to see Sam grow up in her own way with her responsibilities as Iblis that she now takes seriously(resentfully but seriously) and motherhood which actually suits her character quite well.

There were some pretty heartwarming moments on top of some laugh out loud ones and I’m glad to see Samael is remaining in the series because his dynamic with Sam cracks me up. And as always Gregory and Sams utter devotion to each other is so satisfying and isn’t overdone to the point where their relationship is boring like so many other novels when the main character finds their meant to be.

The ending was exciting and the epilogue has me so excited for the next book!! Debra Dunbar has done it again!! Not like I’m surprised….


Review #2

With This Ring audiobook in series Imp Series

Sam tries to live up to being an Angel of Chaos, but she outdid herself when she sealed off heaven. Now the angels are exiled to earth. They don’t make good neighbors. The demons who tried to return to heaven discover that they can’t stay there, and many of them wind up on earth. They don’t make good neighbors. The elves (sometimes known as the good neighbors) also leave hell and migrate to earth. They won’t make good neighbors.

That’s the background, not what the book is about. The book starts out being about Sam being conscripted to be a bridesmaid, but it takes a detour when Lux steals a large number of rings. (He’s going to be the ring bearer, and he’s not clear on the concept.) Stealing the rings was not a good idea – and in the case of a few of the rings it was a very bad idea.

I didn’t enjoy the first half of the book. The parts that laid the foundation for the story took too long, and there wasn’t enough story. The second half got better, and the book averaged out to average. The book leaves many dangling plot threads, and one gets the impression that was the book’s purpose.


Review #3

Audiobook With This Ring by Debra Dunbar

I didn’t think I’d enjoy another Imp book, mostly because it seemed there wasn’t much more to say. But, boy was I wrong! I loved this! Sam is back as her usual nutso self, Gregory seems to be catching a bit of that nutso, and Lux, well, Lux brings his own form of adorableness to the mix that just can’t be missed. I love that little booger who gets everyone in trouble while trying so hard to be good!

Yes, this time it’s Lux getting Sam into trouble, and how and why are hysterical. Something only a baby Angel of Order could possibly do. Particularly one being raised by and THE Archangel, who prefers the name Gregory these days but started out as Michael, and The Angel of Chaos, The Iblis herself, Sam the Imp. I mean, want to confuse a kid? That’ll do it!

I love this series. Totally love it. I have since the beginning even before it got really funny, and since it ain’t over yet, I’ll continue to love it. If you’ve never read it, you’re missing out. Seriously missing out.

Review #4

Audio With This Ring narrated by Angela Rysk

This is a major letdown. The book? Hardly. The letdown is that it has been out so long and I am just now reading it. Somehow it got lost in my shuffle. Argh. No, onward…

First, I had barely started before I realized how long it’s been between books from this author.
Second, at about the same time I remembered how much I have missed Sam! Ack!

You would think this would be simple and maybe not too interesting, right? Wrong. I mean, sure, weddings are a bit complicated but they’re routine. Right? Maybe if the Iblis isn’t involved but she is so there you go. As usual, I’m not going to spoil the book by telling you about it but there’s zombie stuff, baby Angels stealing rings, a whole raft of ongoing “issues” just to add to the confusion, and there’s Sam. Sam, who never met a situation she couldn’t complicate at that is still true. But relax, in the end… nah, I won’t tell you about the wedding or whether it happens. I will just say this – if you like this series, you will like book 11. Me, I would like more than 6 stars because any Debra Dunbar book is a top shelf book, just like this one.


Review #5

Free audio With This Ring – in the audio player below

I loved Mathilda and Victor’s chemistry -off the charts hot. I liked Victor’s character because he was very protective of Mathilda-hot alpha. Great older man younger woman romance with a hea. Fun hot read I’d recommend. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book and am giving an honest review.


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