Danger Zone (The Elite #1)

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Danger Zone (The Elite #1) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Danger Zone (The Elite #1) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Danger Zone (The Elite #1) audiobook free

I am extremely sorry to say for me this book is a huge miss! Its like seeing Top Gun being launched on the big screen in 2020 without any change: its just obsolete and unrealistic. I struggled massively to actual finish the book and if I knew its only part one with big suspense I would have not finish it as I never intend to read the next one. The two main characters are boring (Panther) with super typical daddy issues and extremely annoying (Solo) to the point I felt he should be arrested for harassment. For me there was nothing sexy in that approach, just the opposite, I was totally turned down by the behavior, nobody can convince me men would accept it just because the relationship is so different in their case. Finally I cannot imagine top military flyers would behave in such a childish and stereotype way.


Review #2

Danger Zone (The Elite #1) audiobook streamming online

I’m only about 49% into this story and I’ve wanted to smack Solo around for about 47% of it. Or call the MP’s. This is the first time and the first series by these two ladies that I’ve absolutely hated one of the MC’s. Mateo. HE. NEVER. LETS. UP!!! How can his behavior be good? Or wanted? He should be arrested for stalking. Panther is a nice guy but Solo never gives up with the innuendos. I honestly don’t think I can finish this one. Every line I read I end up rolling my eyes. The only time I ever smiled is when Panther put him out of his room. Everything has been a must read by these ladies but this series….uh….I don’t think so. Unless I read that Solo has had a personality transplant. Blech.


Review #3

Audiobook Danger Zone (The Elite #1) by Brooke Blaine Ella Frank

**4.5 Stars**
OH. EM. GEE. Move over Viper and Angel, I have two new lovers Im obsessed with. Panther and Solo have stolen my heart and I hooked, Id not kindly obsessed.

The chemistry between these two is off the charts. Their banter and connection is amazing. I loved watching them together and then seeing them get together. Holy hot. They fit together perfectly and their personalities compliment each other well. I loved watching Solo push Panthers buttons until he finally caves and has the hottest night of his life. Panther has a little tease to Solo though they left us both wanting more.

As for they cliffhanger ending? I read the last chapter a couple of times hoping thats not how it ended all we got. My heart wasnt ready for that. My heart is in my throat experiencing what Solo is feeling and needing more! Especially since they only just got together.

Im seriously dying for book 2, it cant come soon enough. Im dying to know what happens.


Review #4

Audio Danger Zone (The Elite #1) narrated by Aiden Snow Christian Fox

***5 Stars***

*Shoots a dark look at the authors and then sighs heavily*

Ladies, I love your minds and your words and I KNOW that this is just the start of the extremely sm*xyness that is Solo and Panther…but seriously?!?

THAT is where you leave things.


Fine…I will deal…

*Takes another breath and prepares to dive into a very vague non spoilery review*

This baby was all KINDS of fun. I swear I had Highway to the Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins playing in my head the entire time because this book had all the goodness of Top Gun but with a ton more sme%yness. I mean nuclear level sm@xy woven throughout the entire book and add in a whole slew of fun characters. And this baby was addicting. Putting it down simply wasnt an option.

As this is book only the first of Solo and Panthers journey ~ in more ways than one ~ Imma keep this part brief. I adored them both. They are, at their very cores, good, honorable men who have just the right amount of Alpha to make you all kinds of melty. Their journey, thus far, has been an interesting one and I found myself not favoring one over the other when things got rocky between them. They both have their way of dealing and it only uppd the chemistry between them and made it quite easy to see how they could both be so much more.

As was quite obvious at the start of this review, the ending has me not so happy, BUT I trust these ladies and will practice patience. And I have to put this out there, but the info drop before things got started was all kinds of awesome. It definitely got me ready to dive into this book and meet a whole bunch of new characters that I cannot wait to hang out with again.


Review #5

Free audio Danger Zone (The Elite #1) – in the audio player below

Danger Zone is a book filled with white-hot chemistry and innuendo for the ages. From the first page, I was hooked. Panther and Solo are both bada** fighter pilots and push and pull between them was perfection! All I could think about while I was reading was the movie Top Gun, but Danger Zone took it to an entirely different level of HOT. Solo and Panther are each other polar opposites, but that doesnt stop the attraction from building, and escalating because Solo wants to drag Panther out of his comfort zone. I seriously think I needed a fan while I was reading has some epically steamy moments. Prepare yourself accordingly!

That ending though. I cant believe it ended like that, but what a place to end it. Be prepared for the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers my friends, but thankfully, we dont have to wait too long for the next book in the series to know what is going to happen next! This is the first book Ive read from Brooke Blaine and Ella Frank and it will not be the last!


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