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By Schism Rent Asunder audiobook

Hi, are you looking for By Schism Rent Asunder audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

By Schism Rent Asunder audiobook free

I was rather surprised by this novel. I read book one with great enjoyment however it cover a vast span of time starting in the near future century the leaping forward some 900 years for part two of book one. I was expecting book two to finish the conflict begun in volume one and then leapfrog a decade or
more forward. However that is not what happened at all. Instead we passed through a period f a little ver a terran year and got a great deal of detailed information on the new crop of bad guys and developments with all the first novel characters as well. The cast of characters is growing somewhat unwieldy for casual reading, at least for the type of casual reading I usually do. However I admit to being hooked on the arc of the story and I am moving on to book three.

Review #2

By Schism Rent Asunder audiobook in series Safehold

This second book in the series is not as fun as the first. Frankly, I’m disappointed – he should of/could of done so much more with the “Superman in the 17th Century” idea. Consistent with most of Weber’s later writing, he spreads out his narrative over lots of different characters. As I’ve written before, his dialog is painfully stilted, I can’t imagine anyone actually talking the way he has his characters talk. If I could split stars, I’d give this 3.5. It doesn’t quite rise to the 4 star level, but for a penny (plus shipping) its an ok value. The gi-normous plot hole: if Merlin can do so much, why doesn’t he? continues to nag. He/She/It is willing to see thousands die rather than taking things into his own superhuman hands seems to be completely contrary to Merlin’s supposed “goodness”. There’s no exciting or suspenseful naval action (although he does throw his fan base a few unexciting sequences where the outcomes are inevitable and anything but exciting). There’s lots of mush (the ridiculous adolescent PG kind) between the King and his bride where they repeat the same trope over and over (Oh, I never expected an arranged marriage to be so wonderful!) And suddenly, instead of Merlin telling selected people about some of his abilities as he does over and over in the first book, he becomes frustrated because he can’t. Why can’t he? Because Weber has obviously (and clumsily) imposed this silly constraint, with no rational explanation. This book clocks in at almost 500 pages, and the same story could easily have been written in under 100. Based on my reading of the reviews of the next in the series, this one is simply setting up for that. I suspect that the 9 books of the series (so far) could be just as enjoyable (and far less repetitive) as two or 3 books totalling under 1000 pages. If you expect this story to raise your pulse, I suspect you’ll be disappointed. If you are the kind of fan who resents authors who write books in order for you to buy more books, rather than to tell a good story, you’re not going to like this one, I suspect. If you’re a Weber fan, as I am, you’ll probably find this story adequate.

Review #3

Audiobook By Schism Rent Asunder by David Weber

Imagine a scenario where a massively powerful alien race has wiped out the human race everywhere they could find it in the galaxy. They found their prey by the tech signatures emanating from human enclaves. The last 3,000 humans have taken refuge in a ship that has found a secluded earth-like planet aptly named Safehold, perfect for human habitation. BUT….how do the leaders of this expedition plan to keep the aliens from finding them? They set up a pre-tech culture and an artificial all-powerful church whose primary mandate is to prohibit any kind of tech development. Then, before they send the settlers down to their new home, they completely wipe their memories of a former life. This series describes what happens as a result of the artificial constraints. I am currently on book 3 of ten (800 years in the future) and I am completely ensnared by David Weber’s incredibly meticulous and inventive mind! HIGH RECOMMEND!!!

Review #4

Audio By Schism Rent Asunder narrated by Oliver Wyman

Very interesting idea and Weber knows how to write a compelling story, but he is just too damn long winded. Just a warning to anyone who gets hooked into this series, most of these books could have a few hundred pages worth of material stripped out and be better for it. There are literally times when he goes on for pages in minute detail of how a ships sails are rigged. It’s just ridiculous. This one is better than the later books about that kind of thing, but at times you will find yourself skipping entire paragraphs trying to get past these autistic episodes Weber falls into.

Don’t get me starting on the naming system either. It’s like i,e, and u in given names for characters has been replaced by y most of the time. It’s really annoying and makes names like little speed bumps that slow you down while you read them. I found myself sort of automatically translating them into normal names ,Styphynsyn becomes Stephenson, which sped things up. I’m waiting for him to drop a Mxyztplk in there somewhere. He also has so many characters that many of them have very similar looking names since Y is the only vowel in them. I would some times start getting confused about whether or not I was reading about the good guys or the bad guys especially in battle scenes where he would jump perspectives. This is more of a problem in the later books where you go half a page before you realize who’s perspective it is, but it is a completely unnecessary issue that flow from Weber’s stupid name system.

Weber has fallen to in love with his world and has forgotten that his job is to write a compelling tight story to entertain his readers. Instead he has created an almanac of Safehold with a pretty neat story buried throughout it. It kind of turns reading this series from a joy into a chore. I will admit I have become hooked and will likely read the whole series even though occasionally I get disgusted by it’s slow pace, rambling nature, and other flaws. Sometimes I wish I had never started reading the series. As I see it, it is going to take at least 12 books to finish up part 1 of this endless series. If it was written the way it should have been, dropping all the rambling crap, book 7 would have been the end. Yeah this sounds like a 2 star review, but the world Weber has created is just so damn compelling that it gets a 3.

Review #5

Free audio By Schism Rent Asunder – in the audio player below

I enjoyed this “nd one in the series and as in so many cases it suffers from being the 2nd one – not the action packed intro and the finale
The tone of this one is a very political with huge sections discussing planned political economies and the implications of a religous order having great secular power – and not being afraid to use it
The action set pieces are more limited in this story (he is very good at these ) and its just a bit of adjustment on the readers part
Its clear that this is the setup for the big finish of global holy war that I think is coming in the concluding part
The characters are well drawn and the alliance of two kingdoms (not to spoil the book) is well done
What is also well done is the tempatation from the kings ‘guardian angel’ to release new technology before the people understand what they have
I’m reaqlly looking forward to the last one – be interesting to see how they deal with the church – and the weapon systems in orbit ..

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