A Long Time Until Now

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A Long Time Until Now is a science fiction fantasy. It is written by Michael Z. Williamson. He is a military science fiction author. The liberation themes Freehold novel series is his best work. The author published eight Freehold novels between 2004 and 2016. He beautifully explored the political and military themes as well as making the contact with the alien beings. Better to Beg Forgiveness is one of the finest chapters from his popular Freehold novel series. Freehold is the first chapter of that series which will make a very fascinating read as well.

The narration of this chapter is done by Dennis Holland. The narrator is supremely talented. It is a kind of performance that set the bar rather high. You will remember this performance for a long time.

A Long Time Until Now

There is a military unit that is thrust back into the Paleolithic times having their guns and only the portable hardware along. There were 10 soldiers in Afghanistan in a convoy who abruptly discovered themselves lost in time. They somehow arrived in the Paleolithic Asia part of the planet Earth. They had no idea that how they managed to arrive there and how they would be able to get back to where they belong. It was a severe shock of the event to all of them. They also found groups of the displaced who were quite similar to them. It included the Neolithic Europeans, the imperial Romans, and a tiny cadre of the peasants of East India.

The book is thoroughly enjoyable and well-written. The author didn’t make any strong attempt in trying to make the narrative of this book to be too dramatic.

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