A Crown of Swords

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A Crown of Swords is a science fiction fantasy. The book is the seventh chapter in the Wheel of Time novel series, which proved to be a great sensation in the science fiction fantasy world. The author behind this amazing literary work is Robert Jordan. He was an American novelist and highly regarded for his work in the Wheel of Time novel series. The series was finished later by Brandon Sanderson, after the passing of Robert Jordan. If you are interested in more quality work from Robert Jordan then do check out his The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt novels.

The narration of this novel is done by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. Kate played her part for the female characters and Michael for the male. This turned out to be quite an exciting listening experience for the audience.

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Aviendha, Elayne, and Mat have come quite adjacent to the bowl ter’angreal. This could reverse the endless heat of the world. Moreover, the chances will be higher for the natural weather to be restored. Egwene started to collect all the different manners of women are in some position to channel. This list includes Windfinders, Sea Folk, Wise Ones, and quite a few more surprises.

A Crown of Swords is a finely tuned novel with marvelous characters and a fantastic storyline. The novel is quite promising and it will disappoint all the keen followers of Wheel of Time. The author, Robert Jordan did a great job in transporting his audience t a completely different world. The performance by Kate and Michael was spectacular too. The audiobook will make a great listen for a full day listening by all the science fiction fantasy fans.

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