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A Close Run Thing audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Close Run Thing audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

By the Mast Divided audiobook free

So far there are 9 books in the John Pearce saga and I am at number 7. The story is unlike many other sea sagas. Patrick Obrian’s “Jack Aubrey” books are ok, but they whitewash life in the King’s Navy and also life ashore. Horatio Hornblower also has flaws because the main character become so incredibly unlikable that you don’t care if he gets killed or not. The Charles Hayden saga is flagging after just three books, but the John Pearce series really makes an effort to show how life was in ruddy old England, how filthy most people were, how hard life actually was, what the politics were like and how they affected the daily man. Furthermore, the author takes pains to show how hard life at sea was, even for officers, and especially for the crew. Where O’brian’s “Jack Aubrey” sails with a “happy crew” and never uses the cat or the starter, this is so incredibly unreal as to ring totally false. Donachie goes to great lengths to show the pyschological ramifications of these things while showing that men who are routinely beaten with a starter can still be “happy” or at least accepting of their lot and how even though life at sea was really, really harsh, the possibility of getting a regular meal was a real draw for men who were in danger of starvation or debtor’s prison on land. One problem is that as the series draws on, Pearce seems to see less and less action, which is unfortunate because it is skill at fighting and decisiveness that makes him a compelling character. The books are filled with an enormous number of complex characters that Donachie juggles with amazing ease. These are not just high-seas adventure books but really delve into the character’s motivations and psyche. I highly recommend this series, it is by far the most gritty and realistic of all the sea sagas out there.

Review #2

By the Mast Divided audiobook in series John Pearce

This book – and the John Pearce series in general – have fairly well developed plots and do not plod along through too much irrelevant sub-plot material. The action is abundant and exciting. The amount of disrespect for authority, never tolerated in the British navy of the 19th century, really does go beyond the pale and creates an idiosyncratic flaw in the main character that becomes very tiresome. The unbelievably rapid rise of John Pearce from pressed landlubber to a naval lieutenant – coupled with the acquisition of practical sea-knowledge – is a considerable stretch of one’s imagination. All in all, in spite of John’s petulance, the story is entertaining and the author spins a nice yarn.

Review #3

Audiobook By the Mast Divided by David Donachie

This second, in what I hope to be a long series, is most interesting in that the main character is so reluctant to take on what he has to do. He is swept along by unfolding history, and his own inate capabilities, to become more and more a leader and man of consequence. A rich read!

I was eager to follow the story having had my doubts with the start of the first book. As in the first book, something clicked but this time it was from the very start. This is a darn good read – not boring in any way. I have read it and enjoyed it and I have downloaded next two adventures. The problem always is that sooner or later the series has to come to an end. Unless the character becomes monotonous or the storylines to far fetched to accept, I shall be disappointed when I get to the last novel.

Review #4

Audio By the Mast Divided narrated by Peter Wickham

Having difficulty getting into this series. The Paris/French revolution was a bit of a drag and the whole storyline lacked some credibility for me! I am not sure whether I will bother with the next in the series, but if I do I hope it is better,otherwise it will be the last!

I am a regular reader of this genre. The book I found only mildly interesting. I have commenced the next in series to allow a fair assessment. Several typographical errors in both books so far.

Review #5

Free audio By the Mast Divided – in the audio player below

Another great series in the life of John Pearce. I have enjoyed this series very much. You can picture yourself there as if you are standing right next to him. The stage is being set for the following books. Characters are being fleshed out better and John Pearce is getting more knowledgeable about the Royal Navy. Another great read from a fun,John Pearce, adventure series, great beach, vacation or business trip read, this is a book to just relax and enjoy.

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