Aether’s Blessing

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Aether’s Blessing

Review #1

Aether’s Blessing audiobook free

One of my favorite genres is fantasy. This book and series as a whole has been a happy find in that genre. Daniel Schinhofen has created great characters and placed them in a wide and colorful world. His story is well thought out and full of depth and feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed the story from start to finish.

The only negative in this story for me is that the author does get a little sappy in how he has the main characters proclaim their love for each other. I do enjoy their romance, but he could have been a little more creative in how they expressed their feelings to each other. They just keep repeating the same sappy things over and over. That is the only negative for me.

Review #2

Aether’s Blessing audiobook Series Aether’s Revival

The hero is too perfect, the romance between hero and heroine is overly sweet and the bad guys are thoroughly vile, but the world, the setting and the story mostly balance it all out. I like it and will continue reading the series.

One question for the author:
When Nick brought Gregory to the Eternal Flame’s manor, Gregory was told that the eurik working in the manor were slaves. So why did Gregory later tell Yukiko that he thought they might be slaves, but he wasn’t sure?

Review #3

Audiobook Aether’s Blessing by Daniel Schinhofen

I’ll start with the non spoiler stuff. The author uses the word snack too much. These are adults (at least I hope so because of the sex scenes). I have never heard adults speaking to other adults and use the word snack every other sentence. I actually hate the word a bit after reading the first two of these books.

Second, the space between paragraphs seems lazy. I don’t see any reason for it other than page filler.

Third, the fight scenes are poorly described. A lot of the really cool martial arts and magic training the characters go through is poorly described. I felt like the author just brushed the surface of what could be amazing and dramatic fight scenes. This really drops the book down since it all leads up to fight scenes. I don’t know if the author doesn’t have any martial arts experience, but a couple hours on YouTube and he could probably bridge the gap. The only scene truly described well was the sex scene in the first book and the sex chapter (yes, literally a chapter) in the second.

Honestly, the sexual innuendo in the book fit. It was even funny at times, but the graphic sex scenes (1 per book) were out of place. They didn’t add anything to the story.

Continuing with the story issues (some spoilers to follow):

The main character (MC) starts off as a kid who wants to be a magi who hates his dad. His mom is dead but she also wanted him to be a magi. Kid becomes a magi and has to leave his town to serve the government. Before he leaves, he has carnal relations with the girl he probably would have married if he stayed. So far, so good. This was literally the story of 80% of the guys I served with in the military and I can get behind it. Kid has some major growth points to overcome and it seems like his growth potential (as a character) is huge. Then the MC gets to the academy and you find out his actual true weakness is…he is poor. Which stops being a problem his second week…so yeah.

The MC is a huge Mary-Sue. He literally fails at nothing. His character cries a couple of times when he thinks about his mom, but the tears are just a weak veneer trying to hide a complete lack of growth. He has so much plot armor, his power is telling the future (which could have been so cool) and is often described like this “he could see two paths spread out before him. On one path, he was mean to her and she hated him. On the other path, he was nice to her and she was happy”. I’m not kidding. Common decency would point the correct fork on any of his major decisions. It was a huge waste of a cool plot device.

The main two females are also Mary-sues. They literally only lose to each other. I have only made it through two books but this author is about as subtle as a brick to the head so if you guessed this sounds like a Harem book…I would think you’re right. Which is kind of silly since the MC cannot speak more than two sentences without declaring his love for his betrothed.

Which brings up the formal speech everyone uses. Its a little too much. They go to the library every day and have the same conversation with the librarian every day. It makes the characters feel very wooden and 2D.

The bad guys, of course, are the typical mustache twirling type. The MC over comes them so easily every time they try anything so it isn’t really very exciting.

To be honest, I am not sure why I am still reading the series. I like to finish what I start and I love to know what happens in books. Even mediocre ones.

Review #4

Audio Aether’s Blessing narrated by Andrea Parsneau

Maybe I’m biased but the author has cranked out another top-notch story here.
Again it’s not so much about the action and intrigue (though there’s plenty of that, it’s not about the sex (there’s a little of that), it’s the fact that the characters elicit empathy from the reader. I’ll be fair, when I read the blurb for the book I was concerned it was going to turn into one of those ‘kid goes to magic school and gets abused because they don’t fit in’ novels (like the schooled in magic series turned into) but this was a refreshing change. Yes, there’s an element of the toffs looking down on the yokel, but it’s more about the interaction between the two lead characters.The setting seems to be a blend of Japanese and Chinese historical influence with a high-magic twist, though one can clearly see from the lay of the land that all is not well in the Empire and it’s likely our protagonist will need to stir things up in the coming volumes.

As with the other books by the author there tends to be a larger gap between volumes than with some of the Kindle publishers – this is fine as the quality makes up for the increased wait …… though if the author reads the reviews, could we have a single page review in following volumes just to remind us forgetful old sods as to what happened previously – and can we have more Gothy please ?

Review #5

Free audio Aether’s Blessing – in the audio player below

Keep it coming Daniel. Dont stop. Ever. Every book Ive read of yours so far has inspired the desire to keep reading. And reading. And reading. Its rare for me to be so enraptured that I miss out on sleep, staying up until 3 in the morning, forcing my tired and bloodshot eyes open, with false promises of only reading one more page. Seriously guy, you have a talent for weaving intricate stories with mystery, intrigue and imagination. So many books Ive read have generic plots, easily visible from miles away, needing no prediction and little imagination on how the end would come about. You still gave us the ending we wanted, but had me biting my nails and breaking out in sweat, hoping what I wanted, would come to pass. As I said before, you have a gift. Keep writing and never stop – from kinky dungeons to innocent, coming of age stories, and every genre in between. 10/10

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