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Ali Cross

Review #1

Ali Cross audiobook free

Alex went to a home of someone who was arrested. While he was there the father of the boy arrested came at Alex. Alex stumbled but didn’t fall. Then the guy came at him again and when Alex moved the man fell down his steps and hit his head and wound up in a comma. His family tried to sue Alex and the police department saying it was police brutality and Alex did it on purpose. It was just an accident and Alex tried to catch the man before he fell but wasn’t fast enough. Alex’s son Ali was going threw a rough time also. His friend was missing and at first he thought he was just went missing after the last time Ali saw after school when they got out for Christmas vacation. Ali and friends played a internet game and all would sign on. On Christmas Eve Ali and his family went to Mass and when they came home Ali’s brother Damon had seen the kitchen window had been broken. Someone had broken in the house and robbed them. So between worrying about his father who was gonna stand trial because of the family sueing him and Ali’s friend missing Ali was going crazy. So when 1 of the texts from crime scene was dusting his house for prints Ali was talking to him and he gave Ali some ideas of what he would do for a missing person. So Ali took his advice and he and his friends started playing detective to find their friend. Then 1 day when he went to his friends house his father wasn’t there and his mother was and let Ali in and see her son’s room. Ali’s friend was outside and tried to warn Ali that the father was coming home. When the father saw him he threw him out without his coat. The mother came behind him with Ali’s coat and the father threw it at him. He had his school Id in his pocket and either it fell out or his friends father took it out before he threw the coat to Ali. He planted Ali’s ID at one of the robberies and made it look like Ali was robbing people ‘s homes. Eventually they found Ali’s friend and then they went to hear Alex’s verdict of guilty or not guilty in the trial. Of course Alex didn’t do anything wrong and was found innocent. He wanted to start a go found me page to help with the guys expenses if the family would accept it from him . Not because he felt guilty about it but to try and help the family since the guy who fell was still in a comma.

Review #2

Ali Cross audiobook Series Ali Cross

Ali cross has a lot to live up to as the son of famed detective and FBI agent Alex Cross. Ali has watched as his father worked to solve some of the most difficult crimes that left everyone else stumped. When Ali’s best friend, Gabe, goes missing, he decides to see if he has what it takes to be in the family business and find out what happened to his best friend. At the same time Gabe goes missing, a string of burglaries in the neighborhood start up including Ali’s house. Everyone warns Ali not to get involved but he can’t keep from following his instincts to find out how the events are connected and what it means for his friend. He is on his own investigating while his father is dealing with his own problems at work. Ali must decide if his detective work is worth it or if following his instincts will put his family in more danger.

If you have ever read have ever read any James Patterson book, you know the way his stories usually play out. Each contains scenes of action and adventure but yet the story is somewhat predictable. Taking his writing style and putting it towards a children’s mystery has worked out well in this case. For most of my experiences with James Patterson books, I have felt he writes down to readers, it doesn’t take a lot of thought to identify the villain is or what is happening. For that reason, I haven’t read much of his writing in a long time but thought this was worth giving a try. I bought this book for my son to read since I have read and enjoyed some of the earlier Alex Cross books. Like most books for young adult books he chooses, I read this one before him and enjoyed it.

Ali is the perfect spin off for Alex Cross to get kids interested in a fun, interesting new series. Readers will notice that Ali doesn’t act or talk like a normal kid, but then again, he doesn’t have normal parents which can be attributed to his being more mature in his actions and the way he speaks to others. He does still fly off the handle as a kid would sometimes do and his interest in video games keeps him grounded as a kid. To me this is written just the way it should be for its intended audience. Young readers will have no trouble flying through the story and have fun figuring out the mystery within. I recommend this book to young readers that are ready for something a little harder than the shorter chapter books but not something that will be too difficult and intimidating for them to finish and enjoy.

Review #3

Audiobook Ali Cross by James Patterson

I purchased this book for a young cousin who is an avid reader. Of course, since it was written by Patterson I had no doubt it would be great, but I had to also read it so I knew what I was giving my cousin. He won’t be disappointed. I’m sure when he gets a little older he will read the Alex Cross series. I can’t wait to discuss this book with him.

Review #4

Audio Ali Cross narrated by Andre Blake

Didn’t know what to expect with this book, I love all the Alex cross books and wasn’t sure how this would work. Clever man, written from Alex’s sons eyes its a really good story and includes all the family in their up to date lives. I think it’s meant to be aimed at young teenagers but I really enjoyed it and if there is going to be a follow on I would definitely buy it.

Review #5

Free audio Ali Cross – in the audio player below

I’ve enjoyed reading all the Alex Cross books, and although this one is slightly different it doesn’t disappoint. Now eagerly waiting for the next book in the series.

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