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An Awkward Commission audiobook

Hi, are you looking for An Awkward Commission audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

An Awkward Commission audiobook free

I am an avid reader of historical adventure especially this era where great events and battles take place, land and sea. . It is inevitable therefor I compare authors, their writing style, their fleshing out of the characters in the story, the telling of the battles etc.. Donache does this very well so why is it I am finding it difficult to read? Maybe it,s because of the main character John Pearce – I am.getting fed up with him wingding about the Pelicans all the time and not getting on with his adventures, which he finally does but two thirds way through the book. Well at least AMAZON have this whole series on KINDLE which they don,t have with DEWEY LAMBDIN …now there is a series worth reading.

Review #2

An Awkward Commission audiobook in series John Pearce

I am enjoying getting to know John Pearce and the other characters that the author is doing an interesting job of developing. He also explores different aspects of the history of the times..

A good story. JP is not your usual young lowly British naval officer. He speaks his mind to all authority. And, he stands by his shipmates (regardless of their status) and friends. He is a good person.

Review #3

Audiobook An Awkward Commission by David Donachie

This is a very fast read, one that you hate to see come to an end, but almost anything written by Donachie has that effect on the reader. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone who enjoys good sea stories filled with adventure.

Review #4

Audio An Awkward Commission narrated by Peter Wickham

Good book. Good historical naval fiction. I hope there will be more in this series. There are four novels so far.

For your standard Royal Navy episodic adventure, you do have to go some to be any good.

This is, with the extra dimension of political turmoil in France and political machinations in the Admiralty and Parliament adding to the interest.

I am working my way through the series as and when I can get hold of them. Started with a couple found at random on a market stall in Norfolk. It is a tribute to the strength of the books that I don’t mind reading them out of order. I usually have a near OCD need to read any saga in strict order.

I like the tone of the writing, but if offering any sort of criticism, I think the author should stick to his own style. It is more than good enough – not totally archaic, but not too contemporary.

The only speed bumps I find are when Aubrey and Maturinisms crop up. Often clumsily, and the worse for being so at odds with the rest of the delivery.

Weirdly, in the Patrick O’Briens, they are fine, and sound completely authentic, whereas when dropped into a Pearce book, they land with a dull thud and stick out like sore thumbs. Or mixed metaphors and similies. It kicks your head straight out of the plot for a moment.

This is because what they sound exactly like phrases lifted from Patrick O’Brien rather than a natural (yes, I know I’m talking in the context of fiction and no doubt made up “talk like a sailor” stuff, but you know what I mean…) turn of the dialogue or narrative.

Review #5

Free audio An Awkward Commission – in the audio player below

I really enjoy the writing and the story content. I am however becoming hugely frustrated by the lengthy references to earlier parts of the story from previous books. It is surely safe to presume that any reader of book 12 or book 6, say, will have read the previous ones and does not need continuous reminders. If the author deems it essential then surely it would be better to include a short relevant summary rather than scatter the entire book with bits from before. That way, the reader could skip this if desired. As it is we have to wade through the tediously repeated parts as they are spread through the book and interspersed with important new narrative which could otherwise be missed. Sorry, this makes me cross but I’ll still get the next one.

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