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Angel Fire East audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Angel Fire East audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Angel Fire East audiobook free

Again, the author keeps giving us little bits of information about the Word, the Void and slowly entergin concepts in a way that doesn\’t overwhelm and feels more like a gradual diffusion of information instead of a lecture on magic and lore, which made it quite enjoyable to read. I like that NEst\’s perspective has changed so complitely, and John\’s struggle feels genuine, albeit a bit rushed, perhaps? the only thing I was somewhat dissapointed with is that this book was rather dissapointing compared to the first book, but still a realyl good read.


Review #2

Angel Fire East audiobook streamming online

Nest Freemark faces her toughest test of faith in her magic, loyalty, and kindness in this finale of the Genesis of Shannara. This time we meet Findo Gask, a truly dangerous demon, who is capable of reigning in his destructive tendencies, make subtle plans, and creating doubt even in the strong. John Ross returns with a gypsy morph, a creature of pure magic, who could turn the tide in the battle between the word and the void. Unfortunately no one knows how to deal with the morph. It seems to settle as a small boy, but it never talks except to say Nest. John returns to Nest as does an adult version of Bennett Scott, the young girl who Nest saves from suicide as a child. Bennett comes to Nest because she desperately needs help protecting her own daughter from her drug use and she thinks Nest will do the right thing. As the end of a series, this is a strong entry. Nest will be challenged in ways she can\’t predict, John will be released from his service to the Word if he completes his mission, and Bennett will have to face her inner demons. Not everyone will survive these events, but the ending feels right and true to the series. I do wish we had more of O\’Olish Amaneh or at least of hint of what his role really is. Longtime fans of Brooks will have much to enjoy here, but this is a book that is not a good entry point for the series. I look forward to learning more of the Genesis of Shannara in the next series.


Review #3

Audiobook Angel Fire East by Terry Brooks

It is no secret that AFE is the last book in a trilogy starring John Ross and Nest Freemark and that this trilogy is about the destruction of Earth and its rebuilding. It is an early start, classified into its own series, \”The Word And The Void.\” Brooks is an inconsistent writer, sometimes good and sometimes bad but his tales of earth hurtling towards its own destruction caused by the mistreatment of the planet by its human inhabitants is dark and serious writing and here he is a master almost invariably and he does not fail us in any of the three books. He has preceded this series with a trilogy of earth later on, \”The Genesis Of Shannara.\” Both series can be read as examples of present day earth, and what we are doing to climate, ecosystems, flora and fauna, and any and all other earth dependent systems, ruining all and Brooks is standing by to tell us about it exegesis.Can we save ourselves or must we go on into the darkest places? Brooks uses mutation, the rise of demons, once-men, and other horrible devices to paint the most alarming future that I think he can think of, there may be others even worse but his are bad enough for me. Magic sprouts, no reason given but authors do not need reasons too often, developments in the two series, Word and Void and Shannara Genesis prove that. still, sticking to Word and Void we see the classic competition between philosophic good and evil, the ying and yang necessary for life and its problems. Ross is man in all his glory and despair, his fight for a solution and his feelings when there seems to be no permanence to the results of his efforts. He suffers briefly, tries to resign unilaterally but is forced to return to his work. Nest Freemark is not a servant of the Word, she is a demon child but ;ives beyond that stigma and fights with Ross without being forced to do so, it is her innate goodness that controls her. The Gypsy Morph, an anomalous creature, seizes upon that goodness and that ends the book. There is a gap still existing between Word and Void and Shannara Genesis, but will Brooks close it? I think he is too dark and malevolent to be able to do so comfortably, earth ruination would be his choice based on what he has done so far. But I think it is powerful writing, Angel Fire East shows that. Incidentally there is an Angel Fire in Northwestern New Mexico, a ski resort not an Indian reservation. But it does have glorious sunsets. It may even have Dream Catchers, too.


Review #4

Audio Angel Fire East narrated by George K. Wilson

…could not put it down. Some interesting analogies and insights, particularly the cumulative effects of our choices shaping our outcomes in life.


Review #5

Free audio Angel Fire East – in the audio player below

A perfect ending t this trilogy of books. I was captivated from the beginning. The story of Nest was addictive I really enjoyed how her and John Ross met to.fight deamon


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