Art of Seduction

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Art of Seduction is an erotica book on sex education. It is written by American author Robert Greene who has been writing stuff on seduction, power, nature, and a few other related topics as well. A couple of his other worth mentioning books here are 48 Laws of Power and The Laws of Human Nature. Both of these recommended books along with Art of Seduction were bestsellers from the author.

The narration of Art of Seduction s done by Joseph Powers. His tone was quite engaging and enjoyable. He tried to bring in a bit of complicity, which would make you feel like someone naughty.

Art of Seduction audiobook free

In this book, you will find the author giving instructions on the most elusive, subtle, and effective type of power. It is about seduction and he believes that this act is not sex. It is more about the manipulation of the greatest weaknesses of others, which is their utmost desire for pleasure.

Producing the work of many thinkers including Diderot, Freud, Einstein, and Nietzsche, and reporting a range of different lucrative strategies throughout the history of mankind. The Art of Seduction is a useful and highly comprehensive guide to get what we want. The author did a phenomenal job of analyzing a range of different types of personalities and also identifying if there is someone there to manipulate you.

The book is inspiring with some awesome factual references for the real-life implementation of seduction. It is tempting and you might find yourself guilty of listening to it again and again. This book is different and worthy of trying by book lovers.

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    The Untethered Soul

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