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A magical library usually has books related to magic and witchcraft but the current library is not like that one. The library is full of magic but the magic tells about the different fates of a man. The books tell the one who enters it about his or her original life and the changes he could have made to make it better or worse. Books thus are like timelines in which one can live through the pages of the books present on different shelves of the library.


People can also get an idea about different versions without going through all of the fuss of spending a lifetime in it. Among the travelers to the library, there is a new face this time i.e Nora Seed. Author Matt Haig first introduces the power and potential of the library and then lets a girl enter its domain who wants to gain some sort of benefit through it.


The girl enters the library with a motive to change her life for a positive reason. But before bringing in a change she wants to know all the possible outcomes of her new decisions so that this time she might not end up on the wrong side. The problem remains for her i.e she wants perfection in all the fields of life this time which is not possible in a single outcome. According to the books, some of her new experimentation would make her successful in her career and then some paths will help her find true love. Getting everything in the same timeline still proves impossible for Nora even in the library.

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    7 thoughts on “THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY”

    1. Inspiring book beautifully narrated. I heard the whole of it within three days. Grateful for the straightforward way of accessing it without setting up passwords/ subscriptions etc Thank you.

    2. Brilliant, inspiring and thought-provoking book about LIFE and LIVING.
      Beautifully written and perfectly narrated.
      Also, glad to have this platform available online. Very convenient.

    3. Hello!!
      Love the site and the audiobooks so much 🖤
      Does anyone know how I can change the playback speed? if that’s possible of course.

      Much appreciated.

    4. I really like this book so far. Love Matt Haig’s work. Is there any possibility to listen to books in double speed? I’m a quick reader so audiobooks are often way too slow for me. Thank you for the free audiobooks though!!

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