Blue Alien Prince’s Obedient Mate (Royally Blue #6)

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Blue Alien Prince’s Obedient Mate (Royally Blue #6) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Blue Alien Prince’s Obedient Mate (Royally Blue #6) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Blue Alien Prince’s Obedient Mate (Royally Blue #6) audiobook free

Title: Blue Alien Prince\’s Obedient Mate Series: Celestial Mates Release Date: #AlreadyReleased Author: Zara Zenia Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Serial: Standalone, No Cliffhanger Genre: #PRN #BlueAlien #Brides #5Stars?⭐??? •••••••••••••• ? I really love this one, I want a Blue Alien. All the Celestial Mates are just absolutely phenomenal reads. ?Draklan is a Blue Alien Prince with his brothers Bhatraz and Pralmav, all three are the Princes of Tamarax. But Draklan can’t wait to be king of the islands. That is if he fulfills his mother the Queen’s wishes and gets married to the women that is picked for him. ?️Margot Carter is a human from Earth an Artist, in fact the gallery asked her to paint the planet Tamarax from some pictures. She was so excited for the showing until David her deadbeat ex boyfriend ruined it. This was the last straw for her she ran out of her showing knowing that was it, this was her big chance and she lost it. She then decided to apply at Celestrial Mates and leave Earth and David for another planet and to become a bride. What she didn’t expect is what happened when her space ship landed.


Review #2

Blue Alien Prince’s Obedient Mate (Royally Blue #6) audiobook streamming online

Unlike Zoey Draven or Ruby Dixon blue alien males, mated with human females, this story contained no strife, per se. Yes, at one time they were marooned and hunted on a strange location, however they never had to fight to the death for their lives. Or, the battle for their lives did not amount to much. This was rather like reading a historical romance in which there was some strife, but it did not overwhelm their lives or the senses of the reader. In addition, the love story was weak. There was no uncontrollable wanting, no pent up desire, no lusting. So, I rated this book as a \”nice\” three star read.


Review #3

Audiobook Blue Alien Prince’s Obedient Mate (Royally Blue #6) by Zara Zenia

I like Zara’s attention to detail in her storylines. Margot has had enough of her life on Earth. She decides to submit her name to a matchmaker for an intergalactic match. Draklan, a Tamarax Prince, is the alpha hero. Draklan needs a wife so he can carry on his father’s legacy. A lot happens to Margot and Draklan but they find that relying on each other and forming a united front bring them a lot more than just an arranged marriage. There’s an HEA for these two. I liked this story.


Review #4

Audio Blue Alien Prince’s Obedient Mate (Royally Blue #6) narrated by Aurora Jade

Margot signs up for an arranged marriage after breaking up with her cheating boyfriend. She signs up for her dream location of Tamarax. There is action and adventure along their path to love.


Review #5

Free audio Blue Alien Prince’s Obedient Mate (Royally Blue #6) – in the audio player below

I really enjoyed this story. I love those stories where the female signs up to matched up with an Alien and eventually everything works out for the best. I have always enjoyed every story that I have read by Zara Zenia. This story is just like that. I know from other stories that follow those lines, the matchmaking service normally gives the clients files or at least some information about their match. I wondered when this matchmaker didn\’t. No info about the match, no info about the customs and such of the new world the female is going to, nothing. Now I know why. Margo is an artist, a painter who does landscapes. She is somewhat successful in that she can support not only herself, but her cheating, lazy, no job boyfriend. When she catches him, she kicks him out. When he keeps trying to get back together with her, she shoots him down. But when he stands up in the middle of a gallery showing of her paintings and goes on about her being the love of his life and wants her back, she is totally embarrased. She signs up with this matchmaker, which she has to pay just about everything she has, to be matched with an Alien. The good thing is that she got to choose the planet. She loves the landscapes from Tamarax. She gets matched and the only thing she knows is his name. It must be a popular name because it is the name of one of the princes of that planet. She goes, is met by guards and is escorted to a room to wait for her match. She has to wait hours for him. Draklan is the youngest of three princes of Tamarax. His older brothers are married, but don\’t seem to care too much about their wives. His father was murdered in the streets so his mother is now Queen. She has been pressuring him for many years to get married and have heirs to carry on their beloved father\’s legacy. Draklan just has never been attracted to the women of his planet. He would rather be working out or hiking outdoors. His mother has now threatened to withhold his birthright of his Islands until he gets married and has an heir. Oh yeah, she also signed him up with a matchmaker and his new wife will be there in a couple hours. He decides that he isn\’t in any rush to meet her. When he does see her, he can\’t believe that someone so beautiful would need a matchmaker. They decide to continue their marriage and make it work, even if that is separate rooms and to be civil to each other. Of course there has to be some issue and being that she is foreign and different, there are some people who say unkind and untrue things about her. It does end up good at the end with everyone happy together. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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    1. Miss Aurora Jade please put some emotion into you narration not just sit and read the book. Also distinguish between characters by voice changing. Such a boring and dull narration. Voice never changes.

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