Boundaries, Updated and Expanded Edition

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Boundaries, Updated and Expanded Edition is about personal development. It tells different useful things about taking control of your life. The book is written by John Townsend and Henry Cloud. John is a business consultant, psychologist, radio personality, and author. Henry is a self-help author with quite a few books earning a good reputation. More than two million copies of his famous books have been sold so far.

Henry O. Arnold is the narrator of this book. He narrated it way too fast and there were no real pauses between sentences. This distracted the listeners and a lot of information felt overlapped.

This is a book that has helped a lot more than four million people. It helped them in saying yes and how actually to say no, which would eventually allow you to take full control of your lives.

Boundaries, Updated and Expanded Edition

Do you feel that your life is going out of control? Maybe, you feel that you need to acknowledge requests coming from everyone. Perhaps you discover yourself taking responsibility readily for the problems and feelings of others. Maybe, you might have your attention focused excessively on being unselfish and loved as much as that your overlook your limitations. It could well be all of the things mentioned here. So, this book helps with the timing of when to say yes and when to say no.

The book is not just for Christians, it is for everybody in this world who are looking to rectify things in their lives for a better future. There are some solid examples given in the book regarding boundaries and their importance. You will be given steps at the end for the sake of implementing boundaries and living a productive life.

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