Bourne (Age of Expansion: The Ascension Myth #8)

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Bourne (Age of Expansion: The Ascension Myth #8) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Bourne (Age of Expansion: The Ascension Myth #8) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Bourne (Age of Expansion: The Ascension Myth #8) audiobook free

*Bourne* is overall an engaging story with fascinating characters, including the inorganic personalities, that make this series special.

Last third or so of this book seems to juggle casually too many sub-plots for sustaining continuity and optimal tension. More agressive editing could have improved the reading experience. Less “kitchen banter” between missions might also help story flow.

Prior books in the Age of Expansion series left me eager to buy and read each succeeding release. *Bourne* does not deliver for me on that “can’t wait for the next one” expectation.


Review #2

Bourne (Age of Expansion: The Ascension Myth #8) audiobook streamming online

A different kind of book then the others in the series. As always it was enjoyable and ended way to soon. Focus was on Molly, well really when isn’t the focus on Molly, but this book had a lot of Molly time, so that was good. Another new team member was added to the crew and he literally came out of left field. It should be interesting to see how Molly and especially Oz adjusts to this new arrival and what his role will be. Have to agree with previous reviewers about an unfortunate relationship choice on Molly’s part IMHO, not the right person for her. But Molly isn’t the old Molly, she’s changing, so maybe this is part of that change. We see a tiny bit of Anne, but can hope more time is given to her in an upcoming book, she is a very interesting little girl.The book wraps up with Sean doing things he shouldn’t be doing, even though he was a bit of a dick throughout the book, he is leading the team into what will certainly be a mess of epic proportions.


Review #3

Audiobook Bourne (Age of Expansion: The Ascension Myth #8) by Ell Leigh Clarke Michael Anderle

A new reader will not even mind that they get sucked in 😀 to the story. El Leigh Clarke’s characters are Unique and you will love them. Molly and the team are having some Down Time. Molly and Giles are teaching at Molly’s college. Besides Molly, only Paige , Maya, Jack, Pieter and Sean are at the Safe House. Things appear to be quiet. But Molly is meeting her Mom and Dad for the first time in years. And her parents are a Huge Surprise. But the biggest news is…OZ Is A Father. At the lab where Molly used to work, Oz’s source code has made a Log Scale Increase in Capability. Another AI is Bourne. You have got to find out what happens. A real surprise is in store for Sean that could mean trouble for Molly and the team. You HAVE to get this book! Don’t Miss Out. 🙂


Review #4

Audio Bourne (Age of Expansion: The Ascension Myth #8) narrated by Pearl Hewitt

I hurts me to write this but I kept reading this series hoping that something would happen at some point, however, it never did. It is mostly bereft of action and worse, Molly has turned into a moralizing pacifist. Total turnoff. If you are looking for action, there are better series in the Kurtherian Universe. Goodbye Molly.


Review #5

Free audio Bourne (Age of Expansion: The Ascension Myth #8) – in the audio player below

Yet another outstanding book in the Molly saga. In this one, we looking into the quagmire of a true working AI and the possibilities and dangers a truly thinking and decision making entity could be for us as humans. IF only we could keep politics and religion out of the equation! I highly recommend this book and the entire series to anyone with the maturity to read it.


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