Chosen Prey (Lucas Davenport #12)

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Chosen Prey audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Chosen Prey audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Chosen Prey audiobook free

Wow, what a creepy character that’s been created by the author! James Qatar not only kills, but feels zero remorse or responsibility for it, doing the killing for the thrill and for the valuables that he steals from his victims. The ending was just a bit unsettling, par for the course with a Lucas Davenport novel…
Oh, by the way, John…as a Warren Zevon fan, you got the name of the song backwards… It’s “Lawyers, Guns and Money” not the other way around!!! 😉


Review #2

Chosen Prey audiobook streamming online

For some reason, while awaiting delivery of another series, I was in a conversation with a friend talking about book series and characters that we used to devour back in the early 90’s. I found myself thinking of Lucas Davenport and decided to re-visit John Sanford’s “Prey” series in the interim. I was very pleased with book 12, “Chosen Prey and found that though dated, the writing and world building to be a solid and enthralling read. Police procedurals have evolved with more advanced technology but serial killers are still cut form the same nefarious cloth. Lucas Davenport is also evolving as a character and I can see why Sanford is still relevant all these many books later. I plan to visit with Lucas Davenport for a few more books to catch up with him.


Review #3

Audiobook Chosen Prey by John Sandford

Since I have nearly completed buying all of the “Prey” series, one thing stands out for me. In Mr. Sandford’s books (including the Virgil Flowers series), he adds dialog between the characters which doesn’t directly pertain to the main story. Just talk between two or more people on subject matter other than the incident which is the focus of the overall plot. It’s a great diversion, often humorous and in line with what actually happens in real life, unlike most fiction which seems to be intent on directed discussions of the crime under investigation. Some of the police characters are abrupt in their opinions or humor, but having been in their shoes at one time in my life, I certainly understand them.

If you are in the market for a new series, or to try a different author, John Sandford’s “Prey” series is a great place to indulge yourself. You should begin with the first book “Rules of Prey”, and work your way from there. Amazon has a listing of the “Lucas Davenport Prey Series in Order”, but it isn’t ‘in order’ on the pages displayed, so you can go to: and get a correct listing in order.


Review #4

Audio Chosen Prey narrated by Richard Ferrone

If John Sanford got a dollar for every time he used the “f-word” and its derivations throughout the entire “Prey” and Virgil Flowers series of books, he would be a billionaire just from that use alone. Having said that,,every book is a masterpiece thriller and I have bought them all. Can’t wait to get to the next one having finished one. The plots,humor, and dialogue are unsurpassed by any other thriller writer and I have read some of the best ones around. The constant four letter vulgarity gets a little tiresome though, and all his characters, male and female, use it throughout the tale. Tch,tch, John, Lighten up a little! This comment applies to all his books and I have read or am reading most of them.


Review #5

Free audio Chosen Prey – in the audio player below

Another Sandford story about one of the many serial killers roaming the streets of the Twin Cities area. This is fast paced and sometimes a little difficult to understand how a slightest suspicion about being suspected, sets the killer off resulting in another victim. But can’t get past Lucas Davenport and his crack team of detectives. Can’t help but liking Sandford’s style and stories. I have read all but a handful of his Prey series. Recommended to those of you who enjoy this kind of story.


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