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Christine Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Christine audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Christine audiobook free

Stephen King’s genius shines brightly in “CHRISTINE,” a true masterpiece. This novel is a rollercoaster of trauma, shock, horror, and fear, all wrapped in unparalleled brilliance. It weaves elements of horror, love, and tragedy into a tale that leaves a lasting impact.

The story revolves around Arnie Cunningham, a young lad cruising his hometown streets with his friend Dennis. One day, Arnie stumbles upon a vision he never knew he desired—a 1958 Plymouth Fury sedan. Despite its sorry state, Arnie is captivated by the car, seeing success and everything he ever wanted in it. Little does he know that this rusty Plymouth harbors a dark presence, and Arnie becomes the devil’s first target in Libertyville.

Stephen King’s writing is as compelling as ever in “CHRISTINE.” The suspense keeps readers addicted, making it difficult to put down the book. Even though it was written in the 1980s, the story holds up remarkably well today. Each chapter lures you in, making you want to reread them for the sheer joy they bring or hastily proceed to the next, ignoring the late hour. The shocking chapters are classic Stephen King gore fests, terrifying and unexpected, evoking strong emotions that linger even after the adrenaline subsides.

Reading “CHRISTINE” is like attending a masterclass in sophisticated horror fiction. King’s characterizations shine, and the plot, though complex, never makes the 746 pages seem lengthy. The book delves into gore, shocks, and unrelenting terror in the second half, all leading to a perfect, brilliant, and heartbreakingly sad ending—the epitome of a truly terrifying and masterful horror novel. Simply put, it’s brilliant s

Review #2

Christine audiobook

Certainly, the book has its flaws, like the significant misunderstandings of Pennsylvania geography and the awkward handling of ambiguity concerning the true threat, whether it’s Christine herself as a primordial evil (which is cool) or simply the vengeful ghost of LeBay (which is meh). There are also some off-putting 1970s attitudes about women and King’s recurring use of larger bodies to signify unpleasant personalities—those aspects could have been better.

However, despite these drawbacks, the book still manages to captivate me even after all these years. I would rate it somewhere in the middle of King’s skill spectrum. For me, “The Institute” ranks at the bottom, closely followed by “Under The Dome” and “Doctor Sleep.” At the top, I place “The Shining,” “Misery,” and the time travel novel about JFK, whose title I always get wrong because I can remember the date is in November, but not the exact day, and I’m not going to leave this review to look it up.

Review #3

Audiobook Christine by Stephen King

Having read numerous short stories and novellas by Stephen King, I finally delved into his first full-length novel in quite some time, and I’m glad I did. As a writer myself, my primary motive was to study King’s craftsmanship in a longer work, purely from a structural standpoint, and this book proved to be the perfect choice for that purpose.

While there were moments when the story dragged a bit, and I found myself skipping over some of the overly long “internal” dialogues of the narrator, the overall character development was exceptionally well done. Taking my time with the book, reading around 20 pages a day, made the experience enjoyable and something to look forward to.

Surprisingly, the violence in the book isn’t as disturbing as one might expect, given the need to suspend disbelief to accept the plot initially. The premise is somewhat ludicrous, and without the great writing, it could easily deter readers. However, the strength of the characters and the believability of their motivations kept me engaged. Admittedly, there were moments when the narrative seemed to drag, and as an editor, I could have trimmed around 50 pages without disrupting the story. Yet, the affection for the characters and the storyline made it easier to overlook those occasional lulls. Additionally, the clever twist of changing the point of view from first to third person in different sections of the book added an intriguing dimension.

Overall, I found this to be an absorbing and thought-provoking read, perfect for those seeking diversion. If you’re looking for a dose of reality, King may not be the ideal choice in this particular book. However, if you enjoy exploring “what if…” scenarios with a vivid imagination, this classic work will undoubtedly entertain you. Personally, I loved it. Furthermore, if you happen to be a writer, you’ll likely glean valuable insights into your craft while reading it.

Review #4

Audio Christine narrated by Holter Graham

I am re-reading this after many years, and find it just as captivating as I did earlier, maybe more. If you like King, you’ll love this one!!

Review #5

Free audio Christine – in the audio player below

As a longtime Stephen King fan, I can confidently say that this chilling classic is refreshingly different. The story is utterly freaky and yet strangely amusing, making it one of his underrated works.

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