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Christmas Cake Murder audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Christmas Cake Murder audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Christmas Cake Murder audiobook free

Ok, I tried. I really, truly did….I have faithfully read every single one of the Hannah Swenson mysteries. This current one is just a sad little prequel to a series I used to love, until the author took it completely off the rails.

Yes, I would get annoyed with the interactions between Hannah and her intrusive, domineering family, Hannah’s vacillation between Mike & Norman, Dolores’s constant use of the word ‘dear,’ the endless descriptions of baking, and the salmon-flavored, fish-shaped kitty treats.

And like many readers I was extremely distressed over the turn the books took when Hannah suddenly married Ross. But I have faithfully forged on anyway, and just recently purchased the newest book. I kid you not, I literally had to go back about six books and speed read through them to try to refresh my memory about what all has taken place. Everything is just so disjointed and out of order that it took me about two hours to sort them all out: when did Hannah first see Ross again? When did they fall in love? When were they married and why was Hannah covered in trash? Will she ever remember she owns a cell phone and remember how to use it? Will her friends and family stop eating Hannah’s profits at the Cookie Jar, and expecting her to make them dinner on three hours of sleep?? What did she tell Norman and Mike about Ross?
Did they have a honeymoon and if so was her family on it with them?? When did Ross leave and why? Did he and Hannah ever spend more than two days together after the honeymoon? How many more varieties of whippersnapper cookies are Andrea and Hannah going to create?
Where is Ross now and is Hannah even married?
I think I could probably continue to handle even all of that, but while reading through Banana Cream Pie, the conversation between Ross and Hannah regarding whether her pie was present at the murder finally tipped me over the edge. A woman has been brutally murdered and they are discussing in excruciating detail whether her pie was on the scene?? I am sorry Ms. Fluke, but I am truly finished. I worked in mental health for many years and we used to say that if someone made you start feeling crazy, they probably were. That is how these books have started to make me feel. My head is spinning, and I am, finally, finished.

Review #2

Christmas Cake Murder series Hannah Swensen

This is actually the beginning of the Cookie Jar stories and how Hannah started her new business. It’s also a lovely story of a woman who did all she could to protect her baby from people who were going to kill her. Hannah and family solve the mystery and come together to overcome the grief of losing their father and figuring out their future…and they find the Rose of Sharon in the end.

Review #3

Audiobook Christmas Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke

I saved this book for a long plane ride. I was sure it would be outstanding, like the rest of the series. It’s not. I agree with others who have said that the dialogue is stiff and unnatural. But mostly, it’s just incredibly boring. There are several pages regarding gas fireplace. At least three paragraphs are devoted to a new reading lamp. The Christmas cake parade is described over and over again. It was a chore to get through this book.

I knew this book was a background story, so wasn’t overly excited to read because I’m so anxious to know what happened to Ross. However, I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed learning more about Hannah’s background and having Joanne (author) take us back to right after Hannah’s dad passed away. Only a couple things missing-wish she couldn’t told how she came to find Moishe and since the apple clock and Hannah’s thrift shop shopping is mentioned in all the books wouldl’ve been fun to have that mentioned in this book. But overall, loved the book. This series is just a good, wholesome, cozy mystery series–I’ve read the books numerous times.

Review #4

Audio Christmas Cake Murder narrated by Suzanne Toren

I am utterly perplexed by all the negative reviews. Because I don’t usually like prequels, and I was anxious to know what happened with the cliff-hanger from the previous book, not to mention all the negative reviews, I didn’t expect to like this book as much as the others in the series. To my surprise, it turned out to be my favorite so far. I loved learning about Hannah’s earlier life and how she started the Cookie Jar. The story within a story of the notebooks was excellently done, and I was quite satisfied with the resolution. It was actually a relief to have no romance. As far as saying that this book was badly-written with stilted dialogue, I didn’t notice any difference at all from the other books. All of these books have devoted a lot of time to descriptions of baking and cooking, and if that bothers people, I don’t know why they read more than one or two of the books. I do admit to having had an ongoing annoyance from the very beginning that Mike was even in the running and that Hannah didn’t choose Norman. However, I rather enjoyed the Ross story line, and I look forward to learning more in the next book. I do not believe Joanne Fluke is bored with this series or that she uses a ghostwriter. The freshness of this prequel book showed how engaged she is. If you are prepared that this is a prequel with no romance, and you love her other books, you should love this one.

Review #5

Free audio Christmas Cake Murder – in the audio player below

When I had decided that Joanne Fluke could not get any better in her telling of stories , this book showed up and she got even better . What a story. Ms. Fluke managed to inform us of two stories at once, both beautifully written and both holding the readers attention and bringing surprises and delights. This chapter of life in Lake Eden is a must read and I, for one, am going to find it hard to wait until the next book is available . The residents of this community and the members of Hannah Swensen’s family have become friends and relatives of mine and my life is immeasurably better with them in it.

As always with Fluke, a novella fleshed out to novel size with recipes and long descriptions of baking. However, this year’s Christmas story is actually rather sweet, compelling & provides a good introduction to the Swenson family. Perhaps a little overpriced but worth reading if you’re a fan.

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