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Review #1

City of Fallen Angels full audiobook free


In the fourth book of Clares MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series sixteen-year-old Clary Fray is finally training with her boyfriend, Jace, to become a Shadowhunter while learning to use her unique power. Luke and her mother are getting married, and a tenuous accord has been reached between Downworlders and Shadowhunters.

Thanks to Jaces blood, Simon can now walk in daylight, and since Clary cut the Mark of Cain into his skin in the Hall of Accords in Idris, he can no longer be harmed. But hes beginning to realize that although he can be friends with Shadowhunters, he can never be one of them. Hes dating two girlsShadowhunter Isabelle Lightwood and werewolf Maia Robertsand the more time that passes, the more awkward the idea of telling either of them about the other has become. Oh…and his mother just found out that hes a vampire, now hes homeless.

Meanwhile, someone is killing Shadowhunters and leaving their bodies in Downworlder territories. When Jace begins to pull away from Clary without explaining why, shes forced to recognize that something is fundamentally wrong with him. And it turns out to be her worst nightmare, because she herself set in motion a terrible chain of events that could cause her to lose everything she loves most.

While not quite as captivating as the first three books in the series, CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS was still an enjoyable, imaginative read. Following the Mortal War, Clare looks to introduce a new evil antagonist for the Shadowhunters to battle. I liked the addition of Simon’s new bandmate/roommate and look forward to Clares next bookCITY OF LOST SOULS.


Review #2

City of Fallen Angels audiobook in series The Mortal Instruments


Wow! I’m glad Cassandra Clare continued the Mortal Instruments series!
City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare, the fourth book of The Mortal Instruments series, opens as Clary is working hard on her training while Simon is unsure of how to be a vampire and all that it entails. Camille, a vampire clan leader, reaches out to Simon to request that he joins her. Simon doesnt want to but hes having a difficult time fitting in anywhere. Shadowhunters are being murdered and Simon has been threatened several times. The Shadowhunters are trying to figure out the murders but only Jace and Kyle, Simons roommate, know about the attacks on Simon. Both of them are now Simons bodyguards. We are introduced to Lilith in depth and Simon, Jace and Clary are spun in circles. With one surprise after another, City of Fallen Angels packs as much suspense and action as the first three books in The Mortal Instruments series and that last line, whoa! 5 stars!


Review #3

City of Fallen Angels audiobook by Cassandra Clare


A confusing tale where despite the HEA Clary and Jace hardly spend any time together in this book. Despite spouting that he loves her and wants to be with her he obviously means “not right now” as he avoids her like the plague.
If I had just died I would have wanted to be with the people I loved no matter what so his behaviour was annoying and frustrating to read. Surely working things out together makes more sense but he just stumbled around making mistake after mistake and putting everyone else in danger. Clary has no idea what is going on apart from thinking he does not love her anymore so the relationship is a bigger train wreck than before if that is even possible. Simon needs to man up and “grow a pair” as he is so wimpy yet he is this invincible being and lets everyone fight his battles for him. Isabelle is her usual arrogant self so she her character stayed the same and at least she is willing to fight for her friends although her double standards are annoying. Alec and Magnus are finally a couple but I would have liked to read more of them in this book as they were absent for most of it and some better fight scenes would have kept the story moving. Luke and Joselyn are getting married finally but then nothing? A lot of loose ends in this book and if only these characters talked to each other there would be less problems for them to face alone and they do not seem to learn from their mistakes. Hopefully things will progress in the next book which I am still debating as to whether I will read on.


Review #4

City of Fallen Angels audio narrated by Mae Whitman


This review will contain some minor spoilers for previous books.

S0 after reading Clorckwork Angel I was interested to see where this book was going to go, knowing that it was originally going to be a trilogy but also seeing that Clares writing seemed to be much better. I was not let down let me tell you.

As The Mortal Instruments was originally supposed to be a trilogy things have kind of gone back to normal in the beginning of City of Fallen Angels: Clary is training, Jocelyn and Luke are sorting their lives out together and Simon is getting to grips with his whole vampire thing. And whilst the beginning was quite normal and I can understand that some people may find this slow, I liked that we got a glimpse into a more normal life for the shadowhunters without the constant fear of Valentine. Im always a big fan of seeing friendships and relationships in books so it was just nice to see that without everything else going on at the same time.

Now that Clary and Jace know they arent related I feel so much more comfortable reading this series. I already knew they werent related because, as I have mentioned before, I spoil myself a lot. But even knowing they werent related I still felt so uncomfortable because they didnt know that so to them they were still kissing their sibling so it was just eugh. Im so glad thats over. However, Jace exhibits some really strange behaviour in this book, which is part of the plot, but Clary just goes along with it most of the time which is just not great. Like youve only known him a couple months girl, dont let him treat you like s***!

One of the things that I found a bit strange is that now Jocelyn is out of her coma thing shes still not really a presence and feels like she doesnt really take an interest in her daughters life. I dont know if its because she was too swept up in Luke or what but there was so much going on that she just wasnt around for and I just left me feeling like ????

Im so damn glad Im reading these after theyre all out because the book ends on one hell of a cliffhanger that I know would have driven me absolutely batty. Though I am on holiday when this is being posted so I cant even start the next one, what a bad time.


Review #5

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I read this book straight after City of Glass (my favourite in the series so far) and was actually excited to see what would happen next. I was disappointed. It felt as if the author had given us nearly everything you could possibly want with City of Glass and this book was a filler in a way. The first half of the book seems to be focused on Simon, Isabelle and Maia and their dating triangle. I kept waiting for something to happen but it was very slow up until the last 40% of the book. If, like myself, you were happy with the outcome of Clary’s and Jace’s relationship in the previous book you will find this book at times very frustrating. That being said, near the end of the book Cassandra Clare is back to some of her best writing as new and old characters are introduced with twist and turns known well to all Mortal Instruments fans. All in all, you will have to read through the slow paced nature of the start of the book to get to the gem at the end.


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