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Dangerously audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Dangerously audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Dangerously audiobook free

This is one of those books you just cant put down. You want to curl up in your favorite chair, forget about responsibilities and read it from start to finish in one setting. Fallon is a bad*ss assassin and in order to be that you have to detach yourself from people, feelings and love. She had done that until she met Declan. The hot as hell Irishman comes along and breaks down the walls Fallon spent years building. This book has action, sexy scenes, anxious moments and I absolutely adored Fallons sidekick, March. After reading Ghostface Killer, I have devoured everything this author has written and have anxiously waited for another female assassin story from her. She does not disappoint with Dangerously


Review #2

Dangerously audiobook streamming online

I have been counting down the days, waiting patiently for Dangerously to be released. M.Never never disappoints. She blew it out of the park. Did you ever read a book, where it rips your heart and soul and keeps you on the edge? Well, Dangerously just did that and I will have a book hangover for a long time to come. Well worth it. Fallon is my favorite femme fatale. That girl is on fire. Runaways away from home at 16 years of age. Becomes best in her field of a contract killer. Fallon meets Declan on an assignment and man does it explode from there. So many plot twists and turns. You didnt see them coming and several times was mouth dropping. I loved Declan and Fallon she was a fierce, strong, fighter, take no prisoners kind of woman. Declan is strong, handsome, steps in wine need to and you just didnt see him coming. This isnt your typical love story. A great Dark Romance. I couldnt put the book down and was a quick read. I highly recommend it if you like dark romance and femme fatale.


Review #3

Audiobook Dangerously by M. Never

Pure entertainment from some exceptional writing! M. Never is one of the best when it comes time to the crafting of the erotic encounter. In my mind this is her strength as a contemporary writer. In this book, she shows some genuine prowess in plotting a captivating story-line. Also the character development is interesting as it is supported by the twist and turns of the plot. This is a full-bodied work. Something so very satisfying to read, especially if you enjoy a dark romance with a bad-a$$ heroine and hero. The notoriously sordid but exciting elements of the organized world are juxtaposed with the sweetness of loving a bay girl and keeping her close and safe. Romance blossoms into love and love leaves heartache in choices motivated by newfound love. For the hopelessly romantic, this is a feast…or at least a pretty good meal of bad boy Hot Alpha males, a kick-a$$ heroine, murder and mayhem, sweet dirty heat and true love. All the \”things that make you go Mmmmmm!


Review #4

Audio Dangerously narrated by Aaron Shedlock Jacob Morgan Muffy Newtown

Fallon is a copperheaded killer for hire. Ronan is her boss and is infatuated by Fallon. March is her gay best friend. He also works for Ronan and does the scheduling of her jobs and gets her transportation and whatever else she needs to do the job. Fallon is just so tough and fearless but is also very broken. Fallon was sexually abused as a child by her father for many years and escaped from there as soon as she could. Fallon is sent on a job with another mercenary named Declan who is also employed by Ronan.. Afterwards they have a hot night of sex. The next time Fallon sees Declan is when she is sent to kill him and bring his baby daughter to Ronan. As it goes Fallon is unable to kill Declan and they end up working as a team.They want to kill Ronan instead. There is tons of hot sex and so much drama. You are often on the edge of your seat. I hadn\’t read one of her books in a while and after how good that was I must catch up on what I\’ve missed. Definitely a dark book but it was awesome!!!


Review #5

Free audio Dangerously – in the audio player below

5 DANGEROUSLY STARS!! Oh my goodness….I just found my favorite book of the year!! I could not put this book down….nor could I read it fast enough, but wanted to savor every word. Fallon and Declan took me on a dangerous thrilling ride that I will never forget. Their story will hit all your emotion buttons and keep you turning pages. M. Never is amazing at her stories and I am salivating for more.


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