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DEV1AT3 audiobook

Hi, are you looking for DEV1AT3 audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

DEV1AT3 audiobook free

5/5 stars Dev1at3 is finally here and it was freaking amazing! It was easily a 5 star read for me. I felt like this sequel gave me more of the things I loved within the first story, LifeL1k3! There\’s even more: • of the dystopian world of Yousay we love! • Miss Lemon Fresh and her spitfire self • Ezekiel, Eve and my \’little\’ favorite worry bot Cricket • new characters to love…and hate… and love to hate! • action packed, adventure! • all the feels! • and twists…with a capital \’S\’…for SEVERAL. Synopsis: Back in the land of Yousay, everything\’s gone to…you guessed it. The story picks up a few hours after Lifel1k3 left off and everyone is dealing with the aftermath of what went down in Babel. Lemon Fresh, Ezekiel and Cricket find themselves separated after an occurrence outside of Babel and get pulled in different directions. Lemon Fresh falls in with a group of deviates. Cricket finds himself sold off to the Brotherhood who believes he\’s a seasoned war bot and killing machine. Ezekiel gangs up with a dangerous ally to relocate Lemon and Cricket while he\’s still trying to get his head on straight from Anna and Eve. Meanwhile, Eve teams up with her new brothers and sisters in Babel and sets plans in motion that may mean utter destruction for all. Pacing and Points of View: The overall pacing was fast. I read this book in a day and loved it! I loved how the beginning first pages immediately lists the characters and gives you a run down of the who\’s who and where we saw each character last! It was very helpful, and fun to read, especially with the amount of characters and happenings in the last book. Once again, there were multiple points of view like Lifel1k3 and this time Cricket is added into the mix! There are still points of view from Eve, Lemon Fresh, and Ezekiel. I never once felt bored by any point of view and loved reading each characters story within the story. Characters: All the favorite characters are back and I felt this story delved more into each individual characters thoughts and feelings. I loved seeing the world from Cricket\’s point of view. He felt annoying at times in the first book, but I truly loved his character progression in this story. Lemon Fresh is still my favorite though! I love seeing where this story is taking her, good or bad. Eve and Ezekiel took a step back a little to make room for the other two, but I still loved reading every interaction. There were several new favorite characters as well including a bot! A few new villains as well which are making the world of Yousay even more dangerous! Overall: Overall, I really loved this sequel. I cannot recommend it enough to dystopian lovers! It definitely lived up to the Lifel1k3 expectations for me. I cannot wait to read the final installment of this story especially after that cliffhanger! Which was a pretty big one. I\’m not gonna lie. I\’m still a little antsy about it and I need to find out the end to this slightly troubling, yet entertaining, path all of these characters are on! Thank you so much to NetGalley and the publishers at Knopf Books for Young Readers and Random House Childrens for blessing me with the opportunity to read this digital ARC in exchange for an honest review. I love this sequel and I can\’t wait to buy anything this author writes in the future!


Review #2

DEV1AT3 audiobook in series LIFEL1K3

Jay Kristoff wastes no time in DEV1AT3: the reader hits the ground running and there\’s barely a break until the end of this trilogy\’s second installment. Picking up right where we left off in LIFEL1K3, the band of friends has split up and they all find themselves along different parts of the Yusay. Some are stranded on their own and forced to become partners with unlikely new “friends,” others are attempting to come together again, and one of them is determined to make a new path for herself. The swiftness with which Eve went to the dark side felt off to me in book one, and it still rubs me the wrong way in book two. I know that this is a “girl” who has had her life dictated for her from the moment of her duplicitous creation, and she is entitled to feel resentment at that—even outright anger. But Eve took no shortcuts, she went from surprise and rage to outright evil-doing and a entered a bond with a group that want to destroy some of those that she held dear. It doesn\’t help that we don\’t spend a lot of time in Eve\’s mind in DEV1AT3, so it\’s not easy for me to even attempt to see things from her perspective. She\’s in the background, causing mayhem, and I see her through the betrayed eyes of those who are as shocked as me to see her murdering who are, for the most part, innocent bystanders in her quest. And hot on her heels was Ezekiel with Preacher. Preacher has grown on me. He is a dastardly character, but an example of how one can still win you over through action and personality, through involvement into his way of being. I knew what he would do once he and Ezekiel reached the finish line, and still, I can\’t help but admire the resourcefulness of this man, terrible as it may be at times. As far as Ezekiel goes, a lot of the shine has been wiped from his eyes and they are opening up, he\’s growing, and it\’s good to see. Now, rather than driving himself forward for the mere sake of the love he feels for Ana, there are much bigger stakes to fight for and he knows it. This special snowflake is maturing. My two favorite little ones continue to be Cricket and Lemon… Both of them, it the thick of the Brotherhood\’s circle were some of the best and most exciting scenes in this book, and I lived for them. Not only is the Brotherhood a perfect example of what happens when religious fanaticism goes a step too far and three steps around the wrong corner, but the fight that Lemon and her new crew put up against them is purely badass. These kids are gutsy, funny, full of life and ready to spit in your face if you try to keep them down. I am still sad about the loss in this new band, even though I didn\’t know this character for long, but that just goes to show how easily you fall for this cast. Building up throughout DEV1AT3, the final chapters were nail-biters. The anxiety went up a few high notches, and I am still completely in limbo over what happened to some of these guys after that wild explosion may or may not have wiped out an entire settlement. Whenever you think you know how this plot is going to continue, whenever you start to see everyone get even close to reuniting, whenever anything seems to begin to be solved… You know nothing, everyone is torn apart again, and there are still so many pieces to gather before the full puzzle is completed. If LIFELIK3 was intriguing, DEV1AT3 just takes things several steps further. At this point, I am not sure there are limits to the things that anyone is willing to do to get what they want, but I know that I want to find out.


Review #3

Audiobook DEV1AT3 by Jay Kristoff

This is the 2nd book in the lifelike series directly following on from the first this isn’t a series you can dip in and out of begin with book one. Set in a dystopian future where the earth is an irradiated mess fought over by corporations once the big three there are now two as Gnosis fell prior to book one directly given rise to the events of the series. Now the world has experienced a new faction the life-likes, a race of humanoid androids as they plot a existence free from the demands of humanity. This book follows three major protagonists Cricket formerly a helper bot he found himself transferred into a battle bot after the events of book one and finds himself navigating the grey areas of the three laws as he tries to keep surviving, lemon a abnorm or deviate a collection of humans that have developed unusual and, sometimes, useful powers lemons powers branch off in new ways as she finds companionship and family among other abnorms. Ezekiel a life life on a quest to find a former love and to try to save another he stands in opposition to Eve the former hero of book one who with the discovery of her heritage finds her humanity slipping away. Okay this series is like a mixed tape of great sci fi moments and ideas, from the X-men like abnorms, the life-likes who bear a close relationship in more ways then one to the replicants from blade runner or cylons from bsg , to logitkas three laws being Asimov three law of robotics and on and on terribly original it’s not what it is fun, well paced and well written by one of the best genre authors today if you like a good sci fi actioner with a dash of doomed love then roll on up you will find much to love.


Review #4

Audio DEV1AT3 narrated by Erin Spencer

I love Jay the characters he write, the way he writes, everything really. I always worry with book 2 that they will just be a filler. But as usually with these books that never happens and yet again I was gripped until the last page and now need book 3


Review #5

Free audio DEV1AT3 – in the audio player below

Each time I start a Jay Kristoff book I wonder if a guy should be setting out to write female lead characters. They seem to work but as a guy myself, I am not qualified to say how realistically they are portrayed. The story is rip roaring fast and twisted. A great read.


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