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DEVOLUTION audiobook

If we tell someone about the existence of Bigfoot then he will feel that we have gone crazy or we are trying to pull a prank. Bigfoot does exist but in the movies and cartoons only, no human soul has ever seen or captures them in the real world. That’s why we cannot talk about their powers or muscular strength because if we do then we are lying to all.

DEVOLUTION audiobook free

Max Brooks comes with a different approach to Bigfoot in the book. Brooks proposes that this gigantic creature does exist in our forests and it has the powers to hide in the forest cleverly. It’s over intelligence makes it superior to human beings in most cases. The author does not base his book on assumptions instead he takes the help of different journals in which different people have claimed that they have seen the beast with their own eyes. Not only this Max was so crazy about this Bigfoot issue that he made his investigations in this regard.

He went to places where people claimed they have seen the monstrous creature and then Max made his notes. So this book which Judy Greer, Jeff Daniels, Terry Gross, Kate Mulgrew, and Steven Weber narrate is based on real facts to some extent. Unlike World War Z: The Complete Edition and Minecraft: The Island (Narrated by Jack Black) this book is not based on the concepts of the fantasy world. Imaginations and assumptions can be pointed out in many sections of this book but the author doesn’t take them as assumptions. If one wants to go crazy just pick up this book for tonight.

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