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The drive audio is a book on marketing and sales. It is written by Daniel H. Pink. He is a quality writer from America. He has so far written six books and four of them have been bestsellers in the New York Times. Is the most prominent books are: To Sell Is Human and A Whole New Mind.

Daniel H. Pink himself has narrated this novel. His voice was quite suitable for the book of such type. The audience enjoyed the performance and there were no issues whatsoever.

Drive audiobook free

Daniel explains motivation in his paradigm-shift book in an inspiring manner. He tells about all the secrets that are required for giving top performance and to get the much-needed satisfaction. He emphasizes the need for humans to direct their own lives and go on to create some new things to do better by themselves.

Pink draws on a period of forty long years of scientific research on the motivation of people. The author beautifully exposed the obvious mismatch between what business does and what science knows. This may affect a great deal to different aspects of our lives. Daniel also demonstrated that while the old-fashioned approach was useful in the 20th century, but it wouldn’t matter in motivation in today’s era. Motivation needs to be understood in today’s context.

Drive is quite an insightful book. You will find this book putting up a twist on some common things of wisdom. The author continued to use the same old formula of success in this novel. But, that made things a bit repetitive. However, there were some excellent original things too. This could have been a better book if it was half of its original length.

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