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Emma in the Night Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Emma in the Night audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Emma in the Night audiobook free

Anticipating the nature of a Wendy Walker book always keeps me intrigued, and that’s intended as praise. The three of her works I’ve delved into possess an elusive quality that I struggle to articulate, yet it’s precisely this enigma that sets them apart in such a captivating manner. Walker unquestionably masters the art of storytelling, and this latest book stands as a splendid testament to her skill.

The narrative revolves around Emma Tanner, a fifteen-year-old, and her elder sister, Cass, who vanished without a trace three years ago. In a surprising turn, Emma reappears, claiming they were both held captive on an isolated island. Tragically, she escaped alone, leaving Cass behind. As law enforcement tirelessly seeks answers from Emma to facilitate Cass’s rescue, Dr. Abby Winter, a forensic psychiatrist, begins to probe the veracity of Emma’s statements. Abby’s conviction is that by peering into Emma’s life and her family dynamics, she might uncover the hidden reality.

The intricacy of the mystery appeared sufficiently convoluted, making it improbable for any reader to completely decipher the puzzle prior to its final unraveling. It’s the kind of tale that morphs the notions you harbor in your mind as you follow its course. By the climax, your conjectures might be partially on target at best. The alternating perspectives between Emma and Abby offer a unique vantage point, revealing both commonalities and disparities in their experiences as the plot advances.

This recommendation extends not only to enthusiasts of mysteries but to anyone who values authors dedicated to meticulously crafting stories enriched with fully fleshed-out characters.

Review #2

Emma in the Night audiobook

At the heart of “EMMA IN THE NIGHT” lies the central theme of the narcissistic mother and her intricate relationships, or lack thereof, with her two daughters.

Adding complexity to this familial tapestry are several additional figures: the daughters’ father, who has been divorced due to his susceptibility to the mother’s power-hungry nature; his son from a prior marriage, a kind and supportive half-brother to the daughters; the mother’s new and considerably more influential husband, accompanied by his emotionally unstable son from a previous marriage, who now serve as stepfather and stepbrother to the daughters.

Nestled within the suburban landscapes, likely within Fairfield County and about an hour’s drive south of Danbury along Rte 7, the family’s home provides the backdrop for this narrative. Yet, a significant portion of the drama unfolds on an island located off the coast of Maine, near the town of Rockland, further enriching the story’s intense yet entirely plausible nature.

Taking center stage in uncovering the truth of this seemingly ordinary but affluent Connecticut family are the F.B.I., a duo consisting of a young female psychologist and a seasoned male agent. Having collaborated before, their combined skills will delve deep into the layers of this enigmatic scenario, piecing together the past and present of this intricate tale.

Review #3

Audiobook Emma in the Night by Julia Whelan

Walker skillfully weaves a disconcerting narrative of familial disarray, with the bedrock of this chaos being pathological narcissism. Cass and Emma yearn for the affection their needy and manipulative mother is fundamentally incapable of bestowing. This maternal hunger for attention casts a shadow over the wholesome emotional growth of the two adolescents, inflicting wounds upon the lives of their kin. Enshrouded in secrecy and upheaval, the entire family grapples with turmoil, and then, without warning, the two daughters vanish into thin air. Three years pass, and in a stunning turn, Cass reappears, imploring investigators to locate her abducted sister. This tale is a testament to skillful storytelling, boasting a gripping suspense and an exhaustive pursuit, but it is the inner soliloquies of Cass and Dr. Abby Winter, the forensic psychologist partnering with the FBI, that propel the narrative’s momentum. While there’s ample intrigue to keep the pages turning, at its core, the story serves as an exploration of character, delving into the harrowing depths of narcissism and the expansive wreckage a personality disorder can sow. Certain lines within the book merit underlining, for they offer stark insights into the human psyche.

The narrative dares to venture into the murkiest corners of the human psyche, presenting an absorbing tale that delves into the darkest recesses of the mind. On an unrelated note, one might wonder: why does Dr. Winter’s dog remain nameless in the world of this story?

Review #4

Audio Emma in the Night narrated by Therese Plummer

The plot of this book struck me as refreshingly unique, a departure from the customary mold within this genre. While I grasp the reasoning behind most of the narrative being channeled through Cass’s perspective, I can’t help but feel that this choice somewhat dilutes the story’s impact, leaving the characters feeling like mere silhouettes. Mrs. Martin’s narcissism is a recurring theme, reiterated so frequently that it becomes a statement rather than a dimension explored through dialogue among the key players. I yearn to witness, not just hear about, these dynamics unfold.

The pivotal figures who wield considerable influence in the tale remained somewhat elusive, more akin to abstract notions than fully realized individuals. I craved genuine personalities to infuse vitality into the narrative. The initial 70% of the story, truth be told, bordered on tedium for me, caught in a loop of repetition as the same observations were revisited repeatedly. At times, I set the book aside, seeking respite in other reads, yet ultimately, I’m content I persevered to reach the culmination. The narrative truly gained momentum in the concluding chapters, where revelations come to the forefront. The manner in which the story resolves pleasantly surprised me, rounding off the experience in a satisfying manner.

Review #5

Free audio Emma in the Night – in the audio player below

I derived immense pleasure from reading “Emma in the Night.” It’s one of those captivating books that holds you in its grip until the very last page. Even though I had a fairly good inkling about how the story might conclude, the journey to reach that point was nothing short of thrilling. The way everything neatly came together at the end was especially gratifying; I have a distaste for unresolved threads or loose ends in storytelling.

If I were to express one minor quibble, it would be my desire for more insight into Cass’s upbringing. The narrative primarily focused on her elucidating events within her household, leaving little room for exploration of her own growth. However, I suspect this choice was deliberate, potentially mirroring the fact that Cass often felt “invisible,” and this invisibility played a role in shaping the very events she recounted.

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